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You’ll Envy This Couple Who Quit Their Jobs To Live In A Tiny House and Hit The Road.





Can you imagine leaving everything behind to pursue your dreams and live an entirely different lifestyle?

While many of us can only dream of living this kind of life, Jenna Spesard and her partner and Guillaume have decided to just let go of everything distracting them from doing their passions and living life to the fullest. As absurd as it may sound, they quit their jobs and travelled the country living in a tiny home.

The artistically designed 100 to 400 square feet dwellings were meant to inspire Jenna and Guillaume to  pursue their artistic goals. Jenna, who is into writing, and Guillaume, who has passion for photography, wanted to travel North America for one year to come up with a travel journalism portfolio.

People who choose to live in tiny homes experience dramatic changes in their lifestyle. This means embracing a simple kind of life. For them, living in these portable dwellings gives them freedom from high rents, debts, and a number of problems brought about by urban living. Moreover, choosing to live in tiny houses have significantly less impact in the environment.

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Two years ago, Jenna and Guillaume left their jobs to live in this tiny house.

house 1

Here’s their game plan: 1) Build a tiny home, 2) Travel around North America for one year, and 3) Create a travel journalism portfolio about alternative lifestyles. He’d photograph. I’d write.

house 2

house 3

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