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Beware of Tiny Hidden Cameras Disguised as Screws in Fitting Rooms and Restrooms

Authorities recently issued a warning about how these tiny spy cameras are being used by some criminal minds.

Faye Williams





Technology has changed the way we live. For the most part, it has made our lives easier. Spy cameras or surveillance cameras are among the technological innovations that have proven very useful for security measures.

These gadgets now come in many forms. There are models that are camouflaged to blend in with the environment. Others are made to appear as something else such as a pen, an alarm clock, or a toy. One of the more advanced models are those that are disguised as screws.

Anyone can buy these wireless spy cameras.

Source: eBay

Apparently, some unscrupulous individuals have taken advantage of these spy screw cameras for their own perverse reasons. Such tiny hidden cameras can be purchased in Amazon for only $16. Authorities recently issued a warning about how these tiny cameras are being used by some criminal minds.

People with bad intentions have corrupted technology.

This is what their warning revealed: “This is a warning to everyone using public restrooms, especially women. Be careful because some perverts or people who want to blackmail you have found a way to place these these screw cameras inside restrooms. They’ll take compromising images of you and then upload it on some adult website.”

“They may also use these compromising images to blackmail you. So, please tell your wives, girlfriends, daughters, and all the women you know about this so they won’t get victimized.”

This one looks like it's part of the door frame.

Needless to say, the warning against screw cameras has gone viral. After all, other similar sleazy practices have exploited spy cameras before. The screw cameras could easily be disguised as part of the restroom stall door’s bolt and latches.

So many netizens have commented that malls and other public places should take measures to prevent these devices from violating anyone privacy. For now, though, all we can do is be more vigilant.

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Daredevil’s Terrifying High Dive Footage Shows Us Exactly How Its Done

The water would instantly turn brown at the moment of impact if I did that.

Mark Andrew



While high diving is always a thrill to watch, it is an activity I would much rather watch than attempt to perform in any way. Why? Well, let me give it to you straight – I simply don’t have the guts to do it! First off, I’m scared of heights and second, why would I even try to pull a crazy stunt like that and risk my life?

This viral video we shared below simply confirmed my fears that, yes, high diving looks much more terrifying when you are up there.

Professional high diver Carlos Gimeno shows us exactly how he does his terrifying stunts.

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Hongkong Billionaire Offered $180 Million To Any Man Who Will Marry His Daughter





In 2012, Cecil Chao Sze-tsung, a billionaire from Hongkong, offered a $65 million dowry, which later increased to $180,000,000, to any man who was willing to marry his daughter. At the time, his daughter Gigi was already engaged to another woman - a lady named Sean Eav. Gigi and Sean had already been dating for nine years and were already planning for their wedding. The couple married in France in a civil ceremony in the same year.

Cecil refused to accept Gigi's relationship with Sean and insisted that his daughter was very much single. But Gigi won't have any of it so when the story went viral, she angrily argued with her father and retorted that "she'd marry a man when he did."

Billionaire Cecil Chao Sze-tsung offered $180 million to any man...

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Cops Are Hunting This Driver For Taking A Selfie, As Seen In His Sunglass Reflection

Now he’ll be facing penalties once the authorities find him!

Mark Andrew



Once you take the wheel on the driver seat, you need to be aware of your responsibilities as a driver. In most places across the world, for example, it is against the law to use your smartphone while driving.

As we’ve all seen many times in the past, driving while fiddling with a gadget can lead to tragedy. Remember that horrific incident in Concan, Texas where a texting driver caused a tragic road accident after his vehicle violently collided against a church van full of senior citizens? Accidents like that can happen when a driver is preoccupied with his or her phone while behind the steering wheel.

Now the police is on the hunt for a driver who, although hasn’t been involved in an accident yet, has violated the law after taking a selfie on his car – as evidenced by the reflection of his sunglasses.

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