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This Tiny Coral Atoll is Actually a Secluded Paradise You’ll Surely Love to Visit!

From above, this island looks like a huge swimming pool.


Care for an island getaway? Are you ready to discover a secluded island that has white and pink-sand beaches and bright, blue, crystal waters? Pack your bags and head to the South Pacific. There you can find a place known as Tikehau- an enchanting paradise that is considered one of  the most beautiful islands in French Polynesia.

Tikehau, which means “Peaceful Landing” is a 27-km long, ring-shaped reef (atoll) located at the Tuamotu Archipelago. From above, Tikehau appears like a gigantic swimming pool because it surrounds a turquoise, oval-shaped lagoon, which is abundant with marine life.

In 1987, a research group led by Jacques Cousteau discovered that this lagoon has a greater number of  fish species compared to any other island in Tuamotu. Tikehau’s lagoon is perfect for fishing, snorkling, diving, and boating.

With a population of merely 300, Tikehau is definitely a peaceful and quiet refuge for those who want to escape the busy streets of the metropolis.

Feast your eyes on these photos!

This tiny coral atoll is actually a paradise!


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Take your mind off work for a second and enjoy the scenery.


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The atoll’s oval-shaped lagoon is 27 km long and is mostly surrounded by a coral reef.


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Marvel at the white and pink sand beaches of this coral atoll


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It's a tiny paradise in the middle of nowhere.


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You would never get tired of the crystal clear water.


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Best place for surfing…


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… and diving!


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