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This Shape-shifting Hotel May Just Revolutionize the Hotel and Luxury Cruise Industries

Part hotel and part cruise-ship, this shape-shifting hotel may be just revolutionize the hotel and luxury cruise industries.


Part hotel and part cruise-ship, this shape-shifting hotel may be just revolutionize the hotel and luxury cruise industries.

Called the Morphotel, this futuristic hotel changes its shape while traversing the ocean. Designed by engineer and architect Gianluca Santosuosso, the hotel/cruise-ship is composed of a half a mile-long spine which can curve according to the direction of water current. With this feature, the hotel can travel across open waters at slow speeds. Being a cruise ship as well, it can dock in different cities across the world to allow passengers to embark or disembark. Another unique feature of this luxury cruise ship is that some of the rooms in its spine can undock from the main hotel and sail in close proximity to the hotel. Furthermore, its main dock can also be used as a helipad. How awesome is that?

If the aforementioned features aren’t enough to convince you yet of its awesomeness, then perhaps this should do the trick: the morphotel is able to produce its own energy by harnessing energy from waves and solar panels! Not only is it futuristic and innovative, it’s also eco-friendly!

Watch the video below for more awesomeness:

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This forward-thinking hotel/liner just might be the coolest way to travel the world.

Source: Tech Insider


The Most Gorgeous Blue Lagoon in the World Found in Iceland

World’s Best Blue Lagoon in Iceland, See breathtaking photos and add this in your next travel destination!

Iceland is known for Bjork and geothermal spas. This lagoon is being visited by thousands of tourists all year round. The view and experience here is extra ordinary, it is very beautiful.

So if you’re thinking of a place to visit, you might want to consider this to your travel destinations.

The blue lagoon water loses some of heat on its way up enough for the people to enjoy swimming and relaxing in the lagoon.

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Artist Travels Around The World And Take Photos Inspired By Snow Patrol’s Song.

Artist’s “If I lay here” project is music, photography and travel all rolled into one.

For those who love alternative rock or someone who simply has an ear for good music, who could forget Snow Patrol's song--Chasing Cars? This "LSS-worthy" music track might even be on your favorite playlist (I have it on mine). Meanwhile, the chorus starts with this all too familiar line, "If I lay here" and this is how it all started for one artist who took the song to a whole new level.

Combining her love for all three-- music, photography and travel, artist Karolina Jonderko who describes herself a "visual storyteller" began her project entitled "If I lay here." According to her, this project has given her the opportunity to travel to her dream destinations, something that she loves to do.

Karolina's photo series depict the beautiful places she has been to, from Thailand, New York, Iceland and more. It also shows the changes in her appearance including how she uniquely turned every image into such a fine masterpiece. She even had her first ever "If I lay here" exhibition. Cool!

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This Fish in China Was Sold for $120,276!

The fish fetched a fine price because it was the first one caught at the annual winter fishing festival in China’s Jilin Province.

At the start of the annual winter fishing festival in China's Jilin Province, a fish was auctioned off for 780,000 yuan or $120,276. The fish was deemed as special and symbolic, as it was the first once caught for this year's festival.

The winter fishing festival is traditionally held at Chagan Lake, which is the largest inland lake in the province. The festival starts in late December and lasts until about the second week of March. According to, the name "Chagan" is Mongolian for "sacred." The locals actually refer to it as "Holy Water Lake."

The first fish caught is considered auspicious.


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