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This Shape-shifting Hotel May Just Revolutionize the Hotel and Luxury Cruise Industries





Part hotel and part cruise-ship, this shape-shifting hotel may be just revolutionize the hotel and luxury cruise industries.

Called the Morphotel, this futuristic hotel changes its shape while traversing the ocean. Designed by engineer and architect Gianluca Santosuosso, the hotel/cruise-ship is composed of a half a mile-long spine which can curve according to the direction of water current. With this feature, the hotel can travel across open waters at slow speeds. Being a cruise ship as well, it can dock in different cities across the world to allow passengers to embark or disembark. Another unique feature of this luxury cruise ship is that some of the rooms in its spine can undock from the main hotel and sail in close proximity to the hotel. Furthermore, its main dock can also be used as a helipad. How awesome is that?

If the aforementioned features aren’t enough to convince you yet of its awesomeness, then perhaps this should do the trick: the morphotel is able to produce its own energy by harnessing energy from waves and solar panels! Not only is it futuristic and innovative, it’s also eco-friendly!

Watch the video below for more awesomeness:

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This forward-thinking hotel/liner just might be the coolest way to travel the world.

Source: Tech Insider

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