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The Internet Is Going Bonkers Over This Very Puzzling Illustration Challenge





Did you ever find yourself so caught up in something you can’t even figure out? We feel you. It took us a while to find the “now-famous” hidden panda. And oh, the cat too! Thanks to this new craze that recently got the internet going bonkers.

What about it? This illustration challenge created by webcomic illustrator Gergely Dudas, best known as the Dudolf is everything you need today– confusing, engaging and fun activity for everyone to enjoy (and get frustrated about for some).

A week ago, the Hungarian artist posted the image on Facebook which quickly went viral. It already received more than 90,000 likes and 161,000 shares. “The struggle is indeed real” but the satisfaction you get after successfully completing this photo puzzle makes it even more interesting.

Now are you up for the challenge? Take the test below and see for yourself. Just a helpful tip though, patience is still the key and a little analyzation too.

Can you spot the hidden panda among the sea of snowmen?


Photo credit: Facebook / Dudolf

Have you found it yet? Want more? Dudolf wants to feed our hungry eyes and challenge our minds with this equally fun and tricky test. Scan the photo below.

Can you spot the cat hiding among these owls?


Photo credit: Facebook / Dudolf

I completely lost it in Quiz Number 2. How about you? It’s both entertaining and informative though. Share this to your loved ones if you think so.

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