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The Internet Is Going Bonkers Over This Very Puzzling Illustration Challenge

This illustration puzzle is the new Internet craze and it’s worth the hype.


Did you ever find yourself so caught up in something you can’t even figure out? We feel you. It took us a while to find the “now-famous” hidden panda. And oh, the cat too! Thanks to this new craze that recently got the internet going bonkers.

What about it? This illustration challenge created by webcomic illustrator Gergely Dudas, best known as the Dudolf is everything you need today– confusing, engaging and fun activity for everyone to enjoy (and get frustrated about for some).

A week ago, the Hungarian artist posted the image on Facebook which quickly went viral. It already received more than 90,000 likes and 161,000 shares. “The struggle is indeed real” but the satisfaction you get after successfully completing this photo puzzle makes it even more interesting.

Now are you up for the challenge? Take the test below and see for yourself. Just a helpful tip though, patience is still the key and a little analyzation too.

Can you spot the hidden panda among the sea of snowmen?


Photo credit: Facebook / Dudolf

Have you found it yet? Want more? Dudolf wants to feed our hungry eyes and challenge our minds with this equally fun and tricky test. Scan the photo below.

Can you spot the cat hiding among these owls?


Photo credit: Facebook / Dudolf

I completely lost it in Quiz Number 2. How about you? It’s both entertaining and informative though. Share this to your loved ones if you think so.


The 11 Most Marvelous Christmas Tree Designs From Around the World

Christmas is around the corner – and these Christmas trees are making us feel the vibe!

The most wonderful time of the year is just around the corner, and the malls and stores are bustling with people on their last-minute shopping for gifts and food for Christmas. Amidst all these ruckus to prepare for the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ are the wonderful Christmas decorations that add to the already contagious holiday vibe. And in most places around the world, the centerpiece of these decorations is none other than... (drum roll)

Yep, you guessed it right. The Christmas Tree!

Standing tall and colorful, this symbol of the holiday season takes on various and interesting designs. From sparkling lights to literally 'man-made' trees, I bet you wouldn't help but be awestruck by the marvelous Christmas tree designs around the world. Check out these marvelous photos!

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Scientist Discovers “Hidden Portrait” Underneath the Mona Lisa

French scientist Pascal Cotte — who has been involved in the digitization project of the Mona Lisa — claims that there are other portraits hidden underneath the famous painting.

The Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci is one of the world's most well-known works of art. The 16th century portrait of a woman believed to be Lisa Gherardini has been on permanent display at the Louvre Museum in Paris since 1797.

The painting of the lady with the enigmatic smile has been the subject of various investigations throughout the year, so it's quite a surprise to find out that it's been keeping even more "secrets."

French scientist Pascal Cotte — co-founder of Lumiere Technology — has been involved in the digitization project of the Mona Lisa. He has made a claim that has fired up the world of art. He says he has found other portraits hidden underneath the Mona Lisa.

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33 Illustrations That Prove We’ve Become Slaves To Modern Technology

One way or another, we’re all guilty as charged!

Aside from pen and paper, being observant counts as one of the most important tools of an effective artist. The artworks below, illustrated by Jean Jullien, are obviously drawn by a keen observer. In these series of illustrations, you will see how all of us have somehow become slaves to modern technology – particularly the smartphone.

Sure, we can all justify how we all use gadgets to communicate faster with our loved ones but, as captured in some of these drawings, we should likewise admit that technology sometimes gets in the way of simple joys such as enjoying nature or real-life interactions.

Scroll down and you’ll see what I mean…

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