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Guy Makes $10,000 Per Month Writing On Potatoes

While you’re working hard and earning little from your 8-hour job, Alex Craig makes $10,000 a month just by writing on potatoes.


Say goodbye to traditional greeting cards! Believe it or not, this guy from North Texas is making a huge amount of money out of potatoes and, well, a pen.

Alex Craig, 24 years old, came up with an unusual business idea which he later named Potato Parcel. What product does he offer his customers? He sends potatoes with personalized messages through the mail. His girlfriend called it the “dumbest idea ever” but surprisingly – perhaps especially to her – the business took the internet by storm and he’s been receiving a lot of orders from various places.

Alex claims he is earning a whooping $10,000 a month because of his business.


Photo credit: Unilad

According to him:

“On our second day that we were live, and we started promoting it on Reddit, and we got $2,000 in orders, and I just knew this was it.”

Alex personally writes on all the potatoes, which can have any type of message depending on what the customer would specify.


Photo credit: Unilad

He then ships the potato either to the actual customer or an intended recipient, depending on the order instructions. The potatoes are priced around $12 to $25 per piece.

With his new-found success, it looks like Alex can now dish out some words of wisdom to those thinking of exploring business someday.

He said:

“I would say the two things that hold everyone back in life is fear and doubt. The fear of failure and the fear of wasting your time, and the doubt that you can actually achieve something big on a huge scale.”

Although his is a unique concept, it’s easy to tell that this business probably not last long since his handwriting is, well, frankly not that hard to top. It’s either he’ll get a lot of competition soon or that his buyers will wisen up and realize they can actually save big bucks if they write on the potatoes themselves.

Go check out the official Potato Parcel website if you’re still interested.


11 Disturbing Photos That Show What Death Row Criminals Had For Their Last Meals

Photographer Henry Hargreaves recreated some of the strangest last meal request of death row criminals.

Given the chance to choose your final meal before you die, what food will you have on your plate?

While that sounds like a cheesy yet a bit morbid question, it is actually a real-life dilemma that some people have to deal with. Imprisoned criminals who have been sentenced to die by execution are typically given the chance to pick their last meal.

Along with a few key details about each convicted criminal, the images below will show you what they requested to eat before they were executed.

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Three Students Set to Travel Across 15 Countries Using A Solar Powered Tricycle

Good luck, boys!

15 countries and 12,400 miles, from Bangkok to France. This is what three European students intend to accomplish as they travel across Eurasia. What's the catch, you ask. Well, they plan to cover the staggering miles using only a customized electric tuk-tuk or rickshaw.

This solar-powered, three-wheel motorcycle is the only ride they will have as they embark on this very ambitious trip.

They plan to travel across 15 countries in this tricycle.


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Siblings Find Out That They Are Going To Be Big Brothers/Sisters. Their Reactions Are Priceless!

Priceless is an understatement.

Knowing that a new baby is coming your way creates an indescribable feeling for the entire family. Although the feeling is not new, it still is exciting and joyful to know that you are slowly establishing a growing and bigger family. The reactions of parents are somehow predictable upon hearing the news -- there's usually a lot of crying, some jaws dropping, and of course, nonstop smiling. But how do you think the siblings would react?

In this video we found, Pixable Videos compiled clips wherein parents revealed to their children that they are soon going to be big sisters/ brothers. Their reactions, we must say, are priceless. Majority of the videos turned out to be heartfelt moments that are quite unexpected for kids so young. It looks as if they truly understood the joy of expecting a new life in the family.

The video is good mix of touching and overall inspiring. Also, that final clip is epic!

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