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20 Things You Should Never Say to a Woman During Her Period





If some women hate having their menstrual period due to the mess and discomfort it brings, their partners probably dread it because those are the days when their lives usually become a living hell. Unless you’re both relieved when you saw that tiny, red spot on your girl’s skirt or on your bedsheet, you know what I mean?

We women know that somehow PMS brings out the “monsters” within us. We often feel unattractive, cranky, bloated, and depressed almost every month and some men don’t just get it. Well, I do admit that we usually act weird, irrational, and crazy during those periods.

You might see us incessantly weeping over something so petty or acting like a furious witch over something you nonchalantly said, but we just can’t help it sometimes. It’s really difficult to put on a smiling face or to try to be patient and understanding when your uterus is cramping like hell and you’re feeling like crap.

Kudos to the men (and women) who know how to deal with us during those moments. But for those who have tried and failed, here are 20 things you guys should not, or should I say, CANNOT say to us women during our periods. These can help avoid adding fuel to the fire and getting deeply involved in that stressful moment when we’re extremely sensitive.

#1. Baby, are you sure you’re going to eat all of that?


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Why? Are you saying I’m fat?!

#2. Can we go to the beach now?


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I’ve been begging you since last week and now you tell me this?

#3. Uhm…I think you look good.


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You think? I feel bloated and a hundred zits appeared on my face all at the same time, so, yeah.

#4. I don’t really feel like eating anything heavy for dinner.


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Don’t you dare offer me soup or salad tonight, or else…

#5. Babe, does the ‘M’ in PMS stand for menopause?


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Ok, please get out of sight.

#6. Why does the pack say “supers?”

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Because my vagina has super powers whenever I have my period.

#7. What’s wrong with you?


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I’ve been sitting in front of the TV since this morning. I’ve been laughing and crying at the same time. Oh look! I’ve eaten half a tub of ice cream. Now, you tell me what’s wrong!

#8. Are you on your period?


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And what exactly do you mean by that?!

#9. Let’s go for a long walk, honey. You’ve always wanted to do that right?


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Ask me that while I’m squirming in pain and my uterus feels like it’s going to come out of my vagina and drop on the floor.

#10. Hey! Good for you! At least you’re not pregnant.




#11. Babe, can you grab a newspaper or something. These bedsheets are new.


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Oh, yeah, sure…you insensitive pr*@!

#12. So that’s why you were acting strange this last few days!

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Congratulations genius!

#13. Does it hurt to bleed?

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You know nothin’…

#14. I’ll cut you some slack since you have your period.


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Say what?!

#15. Can you try not to flush your tampon down the toilet?


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Oops. Sorry.

#16. Weren’t you just on it?

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Yes. It’s a monthly thing, remember?

#17. Do all the holes bleed or what?

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Seriously, what planet are you from?!

#18. YOU can’t have sex tonight. That doesn’t mean I can’t too, right?


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#19. Hon, there’s a loose hem on your shorts. There! right there by your crotch! Let me pull it out for you.


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#20. Are you still bleeding?


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Do you need some evidence?

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