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They Thought This Dog Was Dead So They Buried It. 4 Days Later, It Came Back From The Dead.





We’ve heard of people coming back to life from their graves. These stories are often gruesome, and commonly involve some brain-seeking zombies. But very rarely, for some inexplicable reason, they just come back alive. Apparently, this can happen to animals, too. And I’m not talking about Pet Sematary.

Theia, a ‘bully’ mix, has experienced this tragic tale. She had been run over, hammered, and probably had been buried – and she had survived it all. Imagine the kind of tale she can tell if only she can speak.

The veterinarian who attended to Theia said that Theia was run over by a car.


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The veterinarians believe that whoever found her earlier hit her with a hammer on her head, probably in a benevolent attempt to end her pain.


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It is still not clear if Theia was buried or was boxed up and left in a field when she was thought to be dead, for she was very dirty when they found her.


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Theia survived for approximately 4 days in that condition before she was treated at the animal clinic.


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Fortunately, the staff at the clinic were able to save Theia’s life.


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Theia is lucky to have survived such kind of ordeal.


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Theia was also fortunate enough to have found her way through the arms of Sara Mellado, who is now her new fur-rent.


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The injury that Theia sustained has resulted in a jaw and nasal damage.


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Sara decided to start a fundraising campaign to give Theia the necessary medical intervention that she needs.


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Despite experiencing such trauma, Theia remains to be a loving and sweet pup.


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Sara believes that Theia is a miracle dog and the deserves the best in life.


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Theia’s journey has proved that each abandoned or abused dog has hope – and that they all deserve a second chance in life.


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Although it’s heartbreaking to hear about sad stories of abandoned and mistreated pets, hearing about how they were rescued and given a second chance at life is always a breath of fresh air. You can find out more about Theia’s story here.

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