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Adorable Dogs Let Their Personality Shine In Gorgeous Portraits

These cute dogs could give some supermodels a run for their money!

Nobelle Borines





There is little doubt that each dog is unique in their own way. Pet owners will tell you that their furry companions have little quirks and traits that make them truly special.

One photographer and his wife proved that every pup indeed has their own personalities by making a collection of amazing portraits dubbed The Dog Show.

Alexander Khokhlov and his wife Veronica Ershova are a Moscow-based creative team that clearly love dogs. The couple has launched The Dog Show in 2017 but decided to work on Season 2 with more pooches. The new portraits include a group of Bedlington Terriers, an unimpressed Basenji, an elderly Labrador, and a gang of xolos. There is also an adorable Miniature Schnauzer who loves making people laugh.

His fur might be turning white but this adorable Labrador still smiles like a happy little puppy.

These Bedlington Terriers should totally start a band together.

Fiji the Basenji may have been tricked into visiting the vet a little too often.

The collection features popular breeds like German Shepherds and Bloodhounds as well as exotic ones like an Afghan Hound with its lush curls and expressive brown eyes. You’ll also find a pug who is obediently posing for the camera.

Faqir the Afghan Hound should be a shampoo model.

These xolos (Mexican hairless dogs) look like they’re about to drop the hottest rap album.

This German Shepherd should be giving Tyra Banks some tips on how to smize

Khokhlov and Ershova also released a behind-the-scenes look at the making of The Dog Show, Season 2. The video lets you see just how much fun it is to work with dogs. Although some pups appear to be timid, Chika the Miniature Schnauzer plays around and actually mugs for the camera. These dogs could really give some supermodels a run for their money.

The little spitfire named Chika knows how to strike a pose.

Waiting for a treat while trying hard to look fierce.

Fanta the Aussie shows off the head tilt that nobody can resist.

When they are not working with pooches, Khoklov and Ershova create stunning portraits featuring body art. They famously recreated Marge Simpson with towering hair made of flowers. However, it is their adorable dog portraits that appear to be stealing animal lovers’ hearts all over the globe. You can follow Khoklov’s official Instagram account @alexanderkhokhlovcom.

Don’t you just wish you were this fabulous?

Watch how the adorable dog portraits were made and keep an eye out for the scene-stealing Schnauzer!

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Chu Chih-Kang, Taiwan’s Unique Dark Library Where Every Book Has Its Own Light

Such a beautiful concept.




This unique library is straight out from a booklover’s fantasy! Unlike other libraries where their only rule is to keep silence, this place took it up a notch and made it even more serene by featuring very low lighting.

The Taiwanese library designed by Chu Chih-Kang studio has nearly 300 bookshelves. The pieces are highlighted separately making the front covers pop from afar.

Chu Chih-Kang displays the books in a way that visitors can see their personalities.

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Japanese Photographer Goes Insta-Famous for His Amazing Ninja Cats Photography

Ever wondered what cats do when you’re not looking? Practicing martial arts, of course!

Mark Andrew



Cats are lazy, you say? Well you just might change your mind after seeing these images. Actually, perhaps unknown to us all, cats are living secret lives – as ninjas!

In this collection of pictures posted online by Japanese photographer Hisakata Hiroyuki, we see our adorable feline friends seemingly practicing their jumps, kicks, and punches. No wonder people just couldn’t help but compare them to ninjas!

Hiroyuki posts most of his ninja cat photography over at Instagram and Twitter. Not surprisingly, his amazing work has since gained a lot of attention online, not only from cat-lovin’ netizes but from various news websites. One quick glance at his Instagram page and you'll see most of the images garner 1,000 to 2,000 likes from users.

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This Guy Turns His Massive Book Collection Into Incredible Works Of Art

Books are no longer just for reading and display.




James Trevino doesn't just read books but also create art out of them. With the massive collection of books, he is one of the most popular bookstagrammer on IG. This guy is a big fan of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Pokemon, Star Wars, Game of Thrones and many more.

From these books, he draws inspiration and recreates them through some of his creative book cover acts. Although Trevino is well known his for Popular Culture book display ideas, it does not end there. Like any other, he continues to explore and create acts out of the books he has read.

Here is a photo of James Trevino that shows his huge collection of rainbow-colored books.

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