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Lucky Guy Couldn’t Decide Between These Pretty Twins, So He Married Both.





Getting married is a very important life decision that should be made when one is fully ready to settle, and of course have already found the love of his/ her life. For most religions, marriage is ideally performed only once in a lifetime. This means that it is imperative to choose that one person who you want to spend the rest of your life with. But what if you can’t settle for just one?

In Samut Songkram province in Thailand, a man couldn’t decide who to marry between a pair of twin sisters. The three were childhood friends, and have since become inseparable. They dated for a couple of years but the man just can’t let go of one. Because the man couldn’t choose, he married both of them! Gah!

Lucky guy from Thailand married his childhood twin sweethearts.


In 2011, Mr. Winchao Tao, who was then aged 24, married 22 year old twins, Ms. Sirintara and Ms. Thipawan. When the man proposed, the twins exuded such positive attitude as they revealed that they bowed to marry Tao ever since they were kids. With such strong love, eight baht of gold and 80,000 baht each, Tao was able to marry the sisters before their family and friends. Although the celebration was kinda weird, the family accepted the situation with open arms.

Although it is hard to believe, Tao iterated that he loves the twins equally, and that he can serve his wives at the same time without any problems. Their setup is very complicated as the three live in Tao’s family where his mother prepared two rooms for the couples.

Can one man marry two women and truly say that his love for them is equal?


Ok, we know what’s on your mind right now and we have the answer. During the first three nights of the week, Tao is scheduled to sleep with Thipawan, and then with Sirintara for the next three days. On Sundays, the three sleep together in one bed.

A daily sleeping arrangement sounds weird but Tao proves that it can be done.


How do you find this story? We think it is really bizarre and unique that we still couldn’t believe this is even possible. Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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