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Which Side of Your Brain is Dominant? Take This Simple Test to Find Out!

Are you a left-brain or a right-brain thinker?


Have you ever heard of the theory of left-brain or right-brain dominance?

The Left-Brain Right-Brain Theory suggests that one side of the brain is dominant over the other and that each side controls different types of thinking. According to this theory, a person with left-brain dominance is more analytical, logical, and objective while a person with right-brain dominance is more thoughtful, intuitive, and subjective.

Ultimately, it is said that the dominant side of our brain greatly influences our thinking and determines our inclination towards certain interests.

But how do you know which side of your brain is dominant?

Take this test to find out!


This Wildlife Photographer Spent 6 Years Trying to Get the Perfect Shot

Wildlife photographer Alan McFadyen got obsessed with taking a rare shot capturing the exact moment when a kingfisher dives into the water without a splash.

Wildlife photographer Alan McFadyen's interest in capturing images started when he was a kid — when his grandfather, Robert Murray, took him to see the kingfisher nesting spot near Kirkcudbright, Scotland. The fact that the breathtaking lakeside location provided an awesome backdrop didn't hurt either.

The trips to see the kingfisher nesting spot made such a lasting impression on McFadyen that he made it the focus of his attention. Then, he got so obsessed with capturing the exact moment when a kingfisher dives into the water without a splash.

His grandfather got him interested in kingfishers.


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This Stray Cat is the Best “Fishercat” You Will See!

Don’t blink or you might miss the awesome moment when this cat caught a fish!

Cats are one of the best hunters in the animal kingdom. Although some cat lovers cannot imagine their pampered "Garfield" cats running after prey, most cats would exhibit this wild hunting side. Cats love to feast on their favorites such as rats and birds, and some cat owners might be familiar with this "gift" from their pets. However, a rat or a bird, is no challenge compared to hunting a fish!

We know that cats really hate water but at the same time, they really love fish too. So a cat hunting for some tasty fish meal would have to conquer its biggest fear first. And that makes a cat hunting for a fish a total badass... like this stray cat on this video here.

Watch this stray cat in action as it catches the fish straight from the sea! It all happened so fast so don't blink around the 0:56 mark or you'll miss it.

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Brothers Rescue A Trapped Eagle And Take Best Selfie Ever

These guys win the internet for this epic selfie!

The Fletcher brothers Michael and Neil were out for some good-old grouse hunting in Windy Lake, Ontario when something unusual caught their attention. They decided to give it a closer look and eventually discovered what it was – an actual bald eagle.

Apparently, the massive bird was accidentally stuck in a claw trap used by fur harvesters. The brothers tried to calm the eagle down but it kept flapping its wings in defense. Also, their dog kept disturbing them from performing the rescue.

Later on, the eagle calmed down and Michael was able to put his jacket on top of it. Everything was caught on camera since Michael set up his phone to record the footage.

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