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Terrifying Footage Shows How Signal Number 10 Typhoon Hato Battered Hong Kong





A powerful typhoon struck the coast of China, bringing heavy winds and flooding to both Hong Kong and Macau. The typhoon is so strong that the highest typhoon warning of signal number 10 has been issued.

Major establishments, schools, and offices have shut down amid the wrath of the typhoon. This has been one of the strongest typhoons to hit Hong Kong. In fact, it was five years ago that the city experienced a maximum category 10 storm.

A Typhoon 10 signal can have winds of more than 74 miles per hour, sending meters-high waves into coastlines.

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The winds as fast as 48 miles per hour with maximum gusts of 79 miles per hour were recorded in Lantau, where the Hong Kong International Airport is situated.

Aside from strong winds battering the city, floodwaters reached the streets and parking areas.

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Storm surge is a tsunami-like phenomenon due to a typhoon with rising waters affecting coastal areas.

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Channel News Asia reports that Typhoon Hato has left at least six people dead. Five people were killed in Macau while one man also died in Hong Kong. The typhoon made landfall in southern mainland China, in the city of Zhuhai. The typhoon struck during a high tide sending at least 3.7 meters-high waves, leading to flooded streets.

The winds are so strong, residents had a hard time walking.

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The powerful winds knocked over a delivery truck.

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In residential areas in Hong Kong, the waves slammed against oceanfront buildings, damaging walls and swamping vehicles. Aside from damage to property, the typhoon has also caused widespread power blackouts in Macau. Some residents complained of mobile phone and internet network disruption.

Many residents were caught in the middle of the chaotic typhoon.

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This crane just showed how strong Typhoon 10 winds are.

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More than 400 flights have been canceled. Train services were also stopped in abundance of precaution. The Hong Kong Observatory has now canceled all typhoon signals. However, meteorologists still warned of strong offshore winds and rains.

Residents were advised to stay indoors as the rising waves could cause flooding.

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The waves could reach a few meters-high, directly affecting coastline walls and properties.

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Hong Kong experiences regular typhoons between July and October. However, this is the third time the Typhoon 10 warning has been issued since 1997 when Hong Kong, a former British colony, was given back to China.

The typhoon’s wrath just showed how strong it is. The house was tipped over by the gust of the winds.

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The strongest typhoon to ever hit the city was in 1962, killing 130 people and leaving 72,000 residents homeless.

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