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If You’re Bored With Skin Art, You Might Want To Try This Crazy New Trend – Teeth Tattoos!





Tattoos have always been a divisive topic. While many see them as a tool for self-expression, some frown upon them saying it makes the body look ugly and dirty.

Regardless if you are a fan of skin art or not, you’d probably be baffled with this new trend – teeth tattoos. And nope, I’m not even talking about having a set of fangs drawn on your body but about having actual tattoos on your teeth.

I know that sounds insane but yes, some people are actually on board with this.

Don’t want to get tattoos on your body? Well, now you can have them on your teeth!

The twist here though is that people with healthy teeth actually couldn’t get these tattoos since they can only be applied to ceramic dental crowns – which are often used to restore the teeth’s appearance, shape, size, and strength.

Compared with skin art, teeth tattoos are cheaper and pain-free.

So in case your dentist recommends that you need a crown, then you have the option to get one with any art you want. That is, of course, you are willing to shell out around $75 to $200 for it. Compared with getting actual skin tattoos, that’s absolutely much cheaper and, of course, less painful.

Actually, teeth tattoos are not entirely new since they’ve already been around for quite some time now. However, they’ve recently received renewed popularity as more and more people are getting into it lately.

The first recorded instance of teeth art was about 20 years ago already when a patient asked for a corvette to be drawn on his crown at the Suburbia Dental Laboratory in Bloomfield, Connecticut.

Nowadays, designs have crazier with customers asking for cartoon characters, band logos, sports teams, among others.



How about you? Would you consider getting one of these “tatteth”? Tell us why – or why not – in the comment section below.


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