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Teen Amazingly Balances 3 Containers On Top Of His Head While Riding A Bike




  • A young biker from the Philippines recently attracted online attention after his video went viral on social media.
  • The teen can be seen riding a bicycle on a busy road while perfectly balancing 3 containers on top of his head.
  • While many admired his skills, some also said his stunt was actually very risky.

Riding a bicycle in’t only a good way to exercise, it can also help you save some money. These are among the top reasons why bikes have become the preferred mode of transportation for many. And some riders can be quite a sight to watch!

Case in point, we recently stumbled upon this short video going viral on social media and we couldn’t help but be impressed. In the clip below, we see a guy riding his bicycle on a busy road but there’s a catch here: he’s actually balancing three containers on top of his head while driving. And to his credit, he’s doing it perfectly.

Don’t try this at home – or anywhere else, for that matter!

Shared online by the official NEWS 5 Facebook page, a media outlet based in the Philippines, the video entitled “Biking Challenge” was captured on camera by netizen Bruce Dolores.

Other motorists on the road couldn’t help but admire his balancing skills.
So far, we are left wondering about the identity of the young rider.

The post only tells us this was filmed in Kaingin Road, Paranaque.

Watch the video here and see for yourself:

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The viral footage, which runs for less than a minute, has since attracted mixed reactions from netizens.

For example, while a lot of commenters shared how impressed they were with the guy’s riding skills, several have also expressed their worry saying what he did was very risky – not only for himself but also for those around him.

“Imagine the tragedy if those containers accidentally fell on another motorcycle rider,” one wrote. Another commenter pointed out that the teen is also “counter flowing” which makes the stunt “definitely unsafe.”

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