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Teacher Punishes Student for Being Late Every Day, Discovers a Heartbreaking Secret





Our teachers serve as our second parents while we’re in school. Aside from reading, writing, and solving complex math equations, they help mold our characters. They instill obedience, respect, honesty, and punctuality—values that help us succeed and become better individuals. For that reason, they chastise us when we do something wrong.

The professor in the video below always punishes his student for coming in late for class. Day after day, he hits the boy’s hand with a ruler, but he never seems to learn his lesson. He’s still consistently late.

Maybe all the teacher wanted was to break the child’s bad habit; he probably thought the student was just lazy. However, he never bothered to ask the boy the reason for his habitual tardiness.

Until one early morning, while he was out jogging, he saw his student in the street. He then decided to follow him.

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What he witnessed enlightened him and tore his heart into pieces.

That day, when the boy came to class, he extended his hand expecting his professor to grab a ruler and strike him like he usually does. But instead, the teacher approached him and hugged him tightly.

Thousands of people agree that this is truly a heartbreaking story. In fact, it has been viewed 810K times and has garnered 22K likes on Facebook alone.

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