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Talkative Toddler ‘Converses’ With Dad In Absolutely Adorable Video

“Really? I thought the same thing. We think a lot alike, huh?”

  • A new viral video features an adorable conversation between a dad and his talkative baby.
  • The toddler keeps speaking gibberish but his patient father never fails to respond as if he knows exactly what the child is saying.
  • The video has now been shared over a million times on social media.

Babies may not be able to communicate properly but that certainly doesn’t stop them from trying. For instance, one particularly talkative toddler kept trying to converse with his dad while they were watching TV. The amazing part is, his father seems to understand exactly what the little boy is saying and it all resulted in an absolutely adorable video.

The video was shared on Facebook and it starts out with the dad talking to the baby like a regular person while they are watching something on TV. Amazingly, the toddler appears to be responding properly. For instance, when the father asks, “Did you understand it, though?”, his son quickly answers, “Naw.” After that, it gets downright adorable as it looks like the baby is stating his opinions about the show.

Watch the hilarious video below:

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It’s funny and hilarious at the same time and the toddler is clearly enjoying how his father is reacting to everything he says. Not surprisingly, people are loving it, leading to the video going viral.

The video has already been shared over a million times since it was posted by the baby’s mother Shanieke Pryor. Needless to say, it’s the perfectly wholesome content that the internet needs these days.

This adorable duo is now going viral!

Interestingly, it’s more than just a cute video as it is also a perfect example of how to communicate with babies. Experts claim that it is important to respond whenever your baby talks. Even though it might all just be gibberish, answering their babble encourages the baby to learn how conversations work. In addition to that, it can likewise help the child learn how to speak properly sooner.

Experts also encourage parents to avoid ‘baby talk’ and to speak to babies like a regular person. This can reportedly aid in the child’s communication skills as they grow.


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