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Talented Mom Creates Intricate Braid Styles In Just 20 Minutes





Every mother has her unique talent that makes her the most special and awesome person in the world. For one Australian mom, showing her special talent involves her daughter, Grace, and her hair.

Shelley Gifford has been sharing photos of her Grace’s hairstyle on Instagram. The great thing about the intricate hairstyles she is sporting every day is that her mother did all of them herself.

It will take Shelley about 20 minutes to finish those amazing braids. That’s 20 minutes of bonding with Grace just before leaving for school.

If the design is more complicated than usual, the artistic mom reserves the style for the weekend. I can only imagine how she’ll be the envy of her class. Check out more photos below.



Queen Elsa and Anna of “Frozen” definitely got nothing on Grace’s braids!

Grace is lucky to have such a talented mother.

20 minutes for each of these styles? I can’t even complete a simple braid in under five minutes.

‘She’s always had her hair braided since she was a toddler,’ Shelley told Daily Mail Australia.

Can you imagine a toddler sitting still for 20 minutes? It’s unbelievable how Shelley managed to do such lovely designs.


‘She’s perfect, she sits so still because she doesn’t know any different. It’s her morning quiet time,” Shelley added.

Shelley has always enjoyed braiding, but she became amazingly creative when she joined a community for braiding. She then started her own Facebook page and Instagram, where she uploads photos of different braid styles Grace is sporting.

Her fame and the thousands of followers she has on her account was something she didn’t expect.

It’s already a passion for Shelley. She is also expanding by sharing her talent through braiding clinics, in which she’ll help other parents learn how to come up with different braiding styles.



Fancy braiding and want to learn some techniques? Follow Shelley on Instagram or check out her Facebook page.

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