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Take a Peek at Coober Pedy – The Australian Town Where Residents Live Underground

What made them build a town in the middle of nowhere?


Australia is best known for its beaches, its exotic and bordering on dangerous wildlife, and its vast and remote outback. The extreme freezing and scorching temperatures of the outback make it difficult to sustain communities, but there is one town situated smack-dab in the outback’s hostile environment – Coober Pedy.

What made the Australians build a town in the middle of nowhere?

Well, Coober Pedy might be crazy far from civilization, but it is one of the best and largest opal mines of the world, which is enough reason for its residents to put up with the extreme temperatures and unique living conditions.

Unique living conditions, you say?

This looks like something straight out of Mad Max:Fury Road.

Because the temperatures in the outback reach extreme highs during the day and drop to insane levels during the night, residents can’t really live above ground. As a solution to this problem, residents decided to build their homes into the sides of the surrounding rocky hills.

The temperature underground and in the hills are conducive enough to make living in the town a little more comfortable.


If you think the residents have to make do with makeshift houses in mountains and underground, then you’re severely mistaken.

The residents of Coober Pedy are not modern-age cavemen; in fact, the living quarters are so pretty and cozy you won’t even realize you’re a few feet under the ground!

The rustic appearance of the rock walls provide a cozy ambiance to the structures.


However, being a mining town, there are tons of warning signs scattered around, reminding visitors and residents alike to be mindful of their surroundings.

Because you wouldn’t want to fall down a mine shaft, right?

So if ever you feel the need to be adventurous and you’re around the Adelaide area, then perhaps take a detour to Coober Pedy.


Would You Believe that These Leather Goods are Made from Pineapple Fibers?

Pineapple leather is now being seen as a more sustainable alternative to animal leather!

Leather is a commodity that a lot of people use in their daily lives. We use them for bags and wallets. They adorn our furniture. We use them for shoes. But using leather comes at the cost of cows' lives. This is why, while leather might be a popular fabric choice for most people, those who are against using animals for anything other than survival aren't exactly big fans of leather.

Luckily, there's one other source of leather that Carmen Hijosa saw and discovered. Carmen was visiting the Philippines when she was introduced by the locals to the use of pineapple leaves to create fabrics, particularly for the Philippine national attire - the Barong.

The Barong, the national attire of the Philippines, is made using pineapple fibers.

The Barong, the national attire of the Philippines, is made using pineapple fibers.

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16 Expert Trolls Who Took Humor To The Next Level

#4 takes so much dedication.

Trolls. What would the entire internet experience - or in fact, our existence - be like without them? Perhaps a little less interesting?

While, yes, there are many out there who can really be annoying (particularly the bigots and racists who hide in the shadows of anonymity, trying to shove their opinions down our throats), it’s also worth noting that there are many who can be very entertaining.

Case in point, these 16 expert level trolls you will see below will probably make your day. They’re actually hilarious as hell!

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Japanese Woman Repopulates Her Town With Life-Sized Dolls

Now she doesn’t feel so alone anymore.


In the quiet and sleepy town of Nagoro, Japan, the streets are bustling with people - some are waiting for the bus while young men are chopping wood for later use.

Indeed, the streets are full of people, but they are not moving. Actually, scrap that - they're not, in fact, people. They're dolls, created skillfully by Tsukimi Ayano.

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