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Woman Does Dare To Eat World’s Stinkiest Fish – And It Didn’t Go Very Well!





Ever heard of the Surströmming challenge? In case you’re not familiar, this unusual challenge requires its participants to eat Scandinavian ‘delicacy’ Surströmming – which is considered by many as the world’s stinkiest fish.

It’s a challenge that’s actually been around for several years but lately, one viral video shows us a woman trying to do it, giving us an idea of how gross the food really is. As you will see on the footage below, the attempt quickly turned into disaster.

It’s not called the smelliest dish without a reason!

According to a Unilad post, Surströmming is actually “fermented fish… marinated in its own bacteria for months on end, resulting in a pong so intense, those who dare try it are advised to open the can underwater.”

That, however, didn’ts stop Nick F, Simon C and K-lee G of Devonshire Idiot & Co. to try the challenge – and it was K-Lee G who dared to do it.

The smell was just too much to handle.

It was definitely not a challenge for the faint of heart, as K-Lee G immediately found out. Opening the can alone proved to be a difficult task.

“You never forget that smell,” said one of her mates in the background.

“I can’t believe I’m actually going to stick one of my utensils in this sh*t,” K-Lee G later commented.

What followed can only be described as something of an exorcism experience as she battled nausea, shaking, and everything else that went with it. Some quick sips of beer didn’t even help and she just had to throw up several times.

After completing the challenge, K-Lee could only say:

“I’ve tried people, I’ve tried. This is not enjoyable I promise you.”

Netizens couldn’t help but praise her for her determination.

One commented:

“This lady is easily one of the most hardcore people out there. First person I’ve actually seen swallow Surströmming.”

Watch the video here and see how it all went down:

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