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Superhuman Diver Goes 20 Meters Underwater, Walks on the Sea Floor to Catch Fish





Most of us are happy enough being able to hold our breaths underwater for thirty seconds, or even up to one minute. But of course that is for us mere mortals who will pass out without our precious oxygen for just a few seconds! Professional divers and swimmers with their years of training and superior aquatic abilities, can hold for a minimum of three to five minutes.

But then, there are superhumans like this Badjao tribesman from the Philippines who can hold his breath even longer. But that’s not all! Armed with only swim goggles and a badass blowspear, he dives a depth of nearly 65 feet on the ocean floor to hunt for his lunch.

What’s even more amazing is that this guy hunts fishes down the bottom of the sea as if he was hunting on land. He walks through the ocean floor and corals like it was a walk in the park. We know how difficult it is to resist water pressure of even just 20 feet, just imagine what it’s like for 65 feet!

Aside from that, he has to hold his breath for a couple of minutes. Though he managed to catch the fish in about three minutes, (thanks to him not only being an excellent diver, but a sharpshooter as well!) the best Badjao divers like this one can hold for five to ten minutes underwater.

Watch this amazing underwater superhuman feat below.

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Gotcha! Wait is that Dory from Finding Nemo he got on the spear? @_@


Photo credit: BBC one

The Badjau people are “sea gypsies” who lives on houseboats scattered on the southern parts of the Philippines. They make their livelihood solely on the sea as expert fishermen, deep sea divers, and navigators.

Most Badjau gets land sick, they only come to shore to trade their harvests for farm products such as rice and cassava, as well as, replenish their supplies and/or make repairs to their houseboats.

Watch the full documentary about the tribe here:

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Would you want to dive underwater like him? Or learn how to shoot that blowspear? Well I kinda like to learn both, in case I become a Castaway a la Tom Hanks!

Remember this guy? Nope this is not Tom Hanks!


Photo credit: Castaway IMDb

Comment what you think, or if you can top the diver’s skills! 🙂


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