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She Recorded Her Teacher Bullying a Student. Guess Who Was Suspended Thereafter!





Schools are meant to teach the young, to nurture their talents, and to instill values and right conduct. But what if some teachers go overboard and the students come out to speak up? It is not very common for young students to take a stand and report abusive teachers to higher authorities, but for Brianna Cooper, it is but appropriate.

Brianna is an eleven year old fifth grader, who recorded a video of one of her teachers harassing a classmate. She believes that the teacher bullied her classmate by threatening and saying inappropriate words in front of the class. She also said that this is not the first time that the teacher had done the same act.

Brianna just could not take it anymore and wanted to report the incident, but she knows that no one will believe a student over a teacher. So, she took out her cell phone and recorded the entire event.

Brianna went to another teacher and showed the video. She was called by the principal’s office shortly thereafter. Unfortunately, the school decided to give her a 5-day suspension, saying that filming inside the classroom is illegal. She was suspended on the grounds that all things inside the classroom are considered private, hence any recording without the knowledge of all parties involved is up for a sanction.

Watch the incident here:

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The decision to suspend Brianna was rather swift, as there were no further investigation conducted related to the incident. This somehow shows that the school might be more interested in protecting its name and its teachers rather than the students. Furthermore, the issue of trust has completely deteriorated. Brianna was hesitant that anyone from the school would listen to her; this is the reason why she decided to record the incident. But finding out that no one would still listen despite the evidence is a total trust breakdown for the child.

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