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Rescuer Found a Mama Dog and her Pups in a Quarry. Their Condition Brought me to Tears.





We admire men and women who go through great lengths just to help and save animals in dire need. So when I saw what this exceptional street rescuer did, I was in awe.

But the video is not just about her nobility or of the dedication of people like her. It is a call—a plea to help make a difference.

According to the description on the video, the woman heard that some people dumped their dogs in a vast quarry in a Los Angeles, and that there were stray dogs in there too.

So when she found an emaciated mama dog there, she knew she was in a race against time to find its pups. Knowing that if she doesn’t find them soon, the pups will probably starve to death or get hit by a vehicle.

The quarry is more than 200 acres and she had to scour every nook and cranny for the little ones.

I could almost feel the emotions on her voice when she finally found them.

Watch this heartbreaking video:

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Those poor dogs may not have survived if not for that kind woman. Don’t you think the world needs more people like her? Stray and abandoned dogs definitely do.

Please don’t abandon or neglect your dogs. Humans and dogs need each other.

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