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This Story of a Son Who Promised His Father a Beautiful Home Will Bring You Tears





Nothing can amount to the love of the parents for their children. It is selfless, constant and unconditional.They have been around in every ‘first’–when we opened our eyes to see the world for the first time, our first cry, when we first learned how to walk and talk. They stood by our side and nurtured us to become the person that we want to be.

As some of us try  to give back all the love to our parents by taking good care of them especially when they reach old age, it’s heartbreaking to know that other children would rather leave them in nursing homes. Sadly, several elderly are often left forgotten and abandoned by their families, confide in a place they don’t even see as a home.

This short advertisement of a son’s promise to his father is truly tear-jerking. His father was left alone after the sudden passing of his mother which has also taken its toll on his father’s health who suffered from stroke. He then decided to take him in with his own family and his wife took over in taking care of his father.

The inevitable happened when his wife felt tired and wanted to give up that she asked him if they could just send his father in a nursing home. He couldn’t do it so he did everything to keep him. As if a flashback of events, he fed, bathed and guided his father towards recovery and never left him just like what his father did when he was little. He remembered the promise he made for his father years ago and made it happen in the most awe-inspiring way.

Watch the heartwarming video:

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‘Pa, Do you miss our home?’

‘I’m home. Thank you very much for giving me the most beautiful home.’

Such sweet words from a father and that, for a son is the most fulfilling thing to hear.

Credits: Housing and Development Board

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