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Stingray Has Hilarious Encounter With Very Rude Orca





Most people view orcas as intelligent creatures capable of learning tricks and impressing children at SeaWorld. After all, most of us grew up watching a friendly killer whale bond with a young boy in the 1993 film Free Willy. However, some orcas can prove to be completely rude toward other marine life, as one unfortunate stingray has discovered.

Stingrays are usually peaceful animals that only attack when provoked. The most famous casualty of a stingray attack is Steve Irwin who was pierced in the heart by a confused stingray’s barb. Not surprisingly, some believe the rude orca was simply trying to get back at the random ray for Irwin’s death.

The stingray is minding its business before the orcas arrive.

The viral video taken by photographer Jorge Cervera Hauser shows a ray calmly swimming in the ocean. After a few moments, a pair of orcas can be seen approaching it. The ray doesn’t even notice the killer whales and continues swimming.

The orca appears to be avoiding a collision with the ray.

One orca gets too close to the stingray. However, the ray ignores it and continues swimming. The orca then does something that appears to be deliberate and completely rude.

Just moments before the massive tail slaps the poor stingray.

The orca quickly flicks its tail and hits the unsuspecting stingray.

Luckily, the impact doesn’t harm the ray although it appears to be disoriented from the encounter.

The stingray is probably seeing stars right now.

It is unclear why the orca slapped the ray with its tail. Although some argue that it may have been an accident, others believe the killer whale did it on purpose because it clearly saw the ray. Nevertheless, the video has gone viral and has caused thousands of people to laugh over how rude an orca can be.

Watch the hilarious encounter between the ray and the rude orca below.

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