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This Man’s Home Has An Underground Secret You’ll Be Totally Jealous Of





This very unique, modern and exquisite type of underground sanctuary will make you forget the usual, boring, plain and sometimes creepy basements we are used to seeing. We are not talking about some famous commercial attractions though but a residential home owned by Steve Fisher in Singapore.

Fisher’s 5,800 square foot bungalow has three bedrooms and three bathrooms. It also boasts a saltwater pool, an open-air floor plan, relaxing greenery and everything you might want for a fun getaway except that you can stay indoors instead.

The best asset of the house is an  underwater entertainment room with a perfect and wide-angle view of the pool as if like a giant aquarium. All of its walls are wrapped in floor-to-ceiling windows which according to Fisher, constitute some of the largest private installations in the world. Cool!

If your concern is that the walls might give in or break, no need to worry. These panoramic windows are constructed of acrylic plastic, not glass, and are 4 and 1/2 inches thick which can even hold back a staggering half a million pounds of water! As for the price of this subterranean room, it costs more than 1 million dollars, excluding the price for the other rooms or the entire house. Wow!

This is certainly one of the few private residences that boasts such cool and amazing feature. In fact, the Manta Room off of Zanzibar’s Pemba Island is Africa’s first underwater hotel room, VamShare reports. Some other commercial attractions include Sweden’s Utter Inn and Dubai’s Hydropolis resort which you can pay for similar experiences.

Watch the awesome video:

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By far the coolest and grandest underwater or underground room I have ever seen! Do you agree? Comment and share your thoughts.

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