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He Steps Out of His Bike and Leaves The Engine Running. Moments After, His Daughter Did This!





Accidents will always be inevitable unless negligence is avoided even in just split seconds. With the rising number of accidents and life-threatening incidents ever recorded in the human history, it is an unfortunate fact that majority of them are fruits of the thing called carelessness. Unfortunately, one of the weakest preys of accidents is the young generation either misguided or neglected by their elders.

As children mimic almost everything they see around them, it is only vital that parental guidance is provided 24/7. However, being naturally curious, children always seem to have that energy to explore many “what ifs” and think of it as their own mighty adventures. What you are about to view is another miraculous incident yet another reminder that the things that matter to us the most should always be well-guarded no matter what the consequences might be.

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As seen in the footage, the father is seen stepping out of his bike leaving the engine running. Engaged with his own business, just moments after, his witty and perhaps curious daughter rides it and puts her “driving skills” into a test. Apparently, she accidentally accelerates the gas! What happened next might be the next heart-stopping scene when she tries to make a turn but crashes into a pile of cooking materials scattered on the floor instead.

Good thing, the young man was fast enough to chase and catch the todd right after the crash. Lucky for her, no injuries were acquired except for the trauma that will more likely haunt her for quite some time. With the fragments of alarming incidents first-hand witnessed by CCTVs, everyone is constantly reminded of the necessary remedies to avoid vehicular mishaps. However, these solutions will still be ineffective if proper attention will not be focused on what truly is essential to us.

H/T: Viral4Real

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