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Awesome Stationary Bike Actually Doubles As A Washing Machine

Now, you can wash your clothes as you exercise.

Clever students from the Dalian Nationalities University in China have designed a very practical equipment that would enable individuals to do two vital tasks simultaneously.

The aptly named BiWa or Bike Washing Machine allows people to have their cardio workout on a stationary bike while they wash their dirty laundry.

The inventors Xuefei Liu, Di Fang, Linhao Su, Zhanbing Li, Xiaoyu Gao Xueyi Wang, Wen Fan, Liying Zhu, Deqian Zhao, Huan Li, Mengmeng Hu, and Weiwei Li ingeniously incorporated the washing machine’s drum to the gizmo’s front wheel. Pedaling causes the tub to rotate and produce superfluous electricity. This electricity can then either be used to power the machine’s display screen or just stored for future use.

This particular invention is suitable for people who hate doing the laundry but loves to bike. And, of course, to those who want to hit the gym, but simply don’t have the time for it.

The drum is quite small compared with other regular washing machines.  That said, it is an excellent exercise equipment although you may have to extend your time to finish all the laundry.

Seriously, we can’t wait for this product to hit the market. We want this in our lives!


This Mega-Machine Absorbs Carbon Dioxide from Air And Can Tranform It Into Gasoline

Keep your fingers crossed.

Imagine a machine that can suck carbon emissions from the air and turn it into gasoline sounds like a pipe dream. But Carbon Engineering, an independent Canadian company based in Calgary, Alberta, is actually working on a huge project - a big-ass machine that can absorb massive amounts of CO2 emissions - we're talking about emissions produced of about 300,000 cars. The company has a prototype machine that is housed at the University of Calgary.

A giant, carbon-sucking machine.

A giant, carbon-sucking machine.


Here's how it will work. The absorbed CO2 goes into a container, which has two ends. Air flows through the ends while CO2-absorbent liquid is poured in through the top. The liquid and carbon-laced air gather in a device located at the end of the container. Tightly-corrugated PVC sheets in the container helps in converting CO2 into carbonate. The end product is liquid containing carbonate, which will be disposed using proper methods....

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This Woman Had Kleptomania As A Side Effect Of Multiple Plastic Surgeries

This is what happens when the brain doesn’t get enough oxygen.

A lot of women today easily resort to plastic surgery if they feel the need to correct some parts of their body. However, one woman from Brazil got more than just enhancement of her physical appearance—she developed a personality.

The 40-year-old woman went under the knife in 2013 for several procedures, according to a case report found in the BMJ. She had received liposuction, arm lift and breast augmentation. Not long after her surgery, doctors observed that something was not right with the patient.

Following the surgery, the woman was described to be drowsy, disoriented and somewhat had problems with her memory.


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This Boiling Amazonian River Is One Of Science’s Greatest Mysteries

This mysterious river is also threatened by deforestation.

Deep in the jungles of the Amazon, there is a river that is shrouded in mystery. National Geographic explorer and geothermal scientist Andrés Ruzo grew up in Peru with the stories about this enigmatic river with waters that boil extremely hot it can burn men alive.

When Ruzo studied geothermal energy, he remembered the childhood stories about the river that his grandfather told him and decided to go look for it. And he actually found the legendary location.

Boiling waters are not a new thing on our planet. Natural wonders like hot springs and rivers can be found anywhere, but mostly, these rivers are located near volcanoes. But the mysterious thing about this Amazonian river is that there is no nearby active volcano that can contribute to the scalding hot temperatures of its waters....

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