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New Toilet Seat is Designed to Make Employees Spend Less Time in the Bathroom

No more prolonged toilet breaks!

  • The new ‘StandardToilet’ has a 13-degree forward slope, which means leg strain for someone who sits on it for more than five minutes.
  • The discomfort is comparable to a “low-level squat thrust.”
  • People are obviously are totally against the “evil” toilet design.

Any normal employee knows that the bathroom is more than just the place to go to when nature calls. For many, the toilet cubicle also serves as a hiding place for those who want a respite from the daily office grind. They will lock themselves up in the toilet even for just a few minutes of peace.

But if the toilet seat is something like what a U.K.-based startup company has designed, the cubicle will cease to be a hiding place for employees. The “StandardToilet” has a 13-degree forward slope, which means leg strain for someone who sits on it for more than 5 minutes.

This will certainly discourage anyone from doing more than the usual toilet functions.

A press release for the StandardToilet says, “It is estimated that in the United Kingdom alone, extended employee breaks costs industry and commerce an estimated £4B ($5.2B) per annum. Our unique Patent Application, applicable both (in the) UK and worldwide, offers the ability to increase business efficiency and profits through reductions in social media usage.”

The company also explains that the common toilet seat has a horizontal seating surface, which makes a person comfortable. It also makes one stay longer on the toilet longer than necessary.

With StandardToilet, a person will experience discomfort after more than five minutes of seating, which is comparable to a “low-level squat thrust.”

But they also claim that it’s not enough to cause health issues for the user.
The StandardToilet was even backed by the non-profit British Toilet Association (BTA).

Obviously, this was made to make the bathroom experience as uncomfortable as possible – which makes it very unfair for those with genuine bowel problems. People took to social media to voice out their complaints.

The company did cite other benefits for using the StandardToilet, such as alleged reduction in hemorrhoid risk that comes with prolonged toilet seating and also lessening the bathroom lines at train stations and shopping malls.

Home & DIY

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