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SS Baychimo, Ghost Ship of the Artic: The Boat that Sailed Unmanned for 38 Years

It sailed unmanned for 38 years until it vanished from the face of the earth.

Ann Moises





The Baychimo was spotted numerous times over the next few decades. People attempted to board it; however, every time they tried, a violent storm would hit them from nowhere, or ice floes would suddenly surround the ship. The towlines of the vessel often snapped due to rough seas, jagged ice, and sometimes, for no apparent reason at all. It was said that a few people have died while trying to embark on the boat; hence, the Baychimo earned the reputation as a cursed vessel and a bad omen.

Sailors have changed course and fled whenever they sighted it since 1939. That same year, though, the Baychimo seemed to vanish into the cold Arctic. Some people believed that it had finally sunk.

However, 23 years later, a group of Inuits saw it again. Wherever it had gone, no one knows.


Photo credit: ghostshipsoftheworld

The ship was subsequently sighted several more times until 1969 when a report came that it was caught in a pack of ice. When a salvage party came to investigate the report, the vessel had disappeared once again.

No one had seen the Baychimo since. People believed that the seas finally claimed the ship this time, but no trace of the vessel’s wreckage was ever found.

In 2006, the Alaskan government expressed their intentions of searching for the wreck. So far, they found nothing. It seemed the Baychimo just vanished from the face of the earth.

What happened to this mysterious vessel? If the seas finally claimed it, how come there were no traces of the wreckage? If the seas finally claimed it, how come there were no traces of its wreckage? Until it reappears or someone finds the shipwreck, nobody will know what happened to the SS Baychimo.

H/T: The Vintage News, Mysterious Universe

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One-of-a-Kind Sea Organ in Croatia Creates Haunting Music With Ocean Waves

Imagine listening to the gentle sound of waves lapping on the shore coupled with organ music – yup, that’s the Sea Organ.

Ann Nuñez



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Now, imagine that relaxing melody being coupled with organ music, and what do you get? No, it's not something you can only enjoy in your dreams - there is actually an organ that turns the rhythm of waves into music.

Located in Croatia, the Sea Organ, or Morske Orgujle, was constructed by renowned architect Nikola Basic in 2005. Stretching over 230 feet long, narrow crevices are carved in the stone steps on the coast, leading to organ pipes. When the waves gently lap onto the steps, it pushes the air through the pipes, producing clear, albeit a tad bit haunting, music.

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Mini Malabanan



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Peter Frederiksen, originally from Denmark, has appeared in court facing charges of sexual assault, intimidation, domestic violence and contravention of the Medicines Control Act.

Police have recovered 21 packages containing alleged female genital parts which were neatly labelled in plastic bags as well as photos of female genital mutilation inside his home in South Africa.

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Mark Andrew



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Veronica was playing at the Lucky Eagle Casino and realized her life would change soon after she put in $100. Unfortunately though, her happiness turned to disappointment when one of the staff members told her she couldn’t get the prize.

Why? Well, the casino said it was nothing more than a machine malfunction. Instead, she was given only $80.

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