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Loyal Dog Still Patiently Waits Everyday for Master Who Passed Away

Everyone else went on with their lives except for one—Spot. She is a great testimony that love and fidelity knows no boundaries even it means through sickness and health, ’til death do them apart.

Bernadette Carillo





From the simple living at the rustic town of Lone Oak, Texas, there rests the placid lawnmower shop of Wayne. As time progressed, Wayne’s shop has been the conventional one-stop-shop for everyone in the area until an unfortunate incident happened—Wayne got killed by a drunk driver.

For five months, his family grieved with a heavy heart. Everyone whom he has left felt devastated by the tragic lost including his ever loyal pet dog, Spot. Back then, Spot would patiently stand at her post and wait until Wayne arrives. As the world continued at its phase, Paul, Wayne’s son, took over his father’s lawnmower business. Everyone else went on with their lives except for one—Spot.

For weeks and weeks after, Spot would stand still at her post, hoping Wayne would still be among one of the trucks to greet her until they reached home. Weeks turned to months yet no Wayne ever came back. The poor dog must really love her master that much. From time to time, Paul would be crossing paths with Spot along the way but will only follow him for a few blocks after realizing that it still wasn’t Wayne who has returned.

Watch the heart-breaking video report here:

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Although folks from their town sympathize with the family’s great lost, nothing else can probably be more painful and heart breaking than what Spot was and still going through. Moreso, their own version of Haiku, the legendary dog who has also waited for his master at the terminal even after his death, will always be a great testimony that love and loyalty knows no bounds – even it means through sickness and health.

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Empire State Building Features Cecil the Lion and 160 Endangered Species

The Empire State building lit up to show striking images of threatened animals in the world. Watch the video and get to know what’s at stake.

Mini Malabanan



Over the past week, the world was enraged by the brutal killing of Cecil, a 13-year-old Southwest African lion from Zimbabwe. The country’s well-loved lion who was once a popular attraction in Hwange National Park in Matabeleland was shot and killed by American dentist Walter Palmer in July 1, 2015. Apparently, the  lion was lured out of the park using a dead animal tied to a vehicle and shot with an arrow by the professional hunter. He was tracked for 40 hours before finally dying in the hands of Palmer who killed him using a rifle. The news made headlines and became the subject of public debate worldwide.

In an attempt to raise awareness about endangered species, the Empire State Building projected striking images of 160 different endangered species using 40 projectors for three hours on Saturday night. The show dubbed as “Projecting Change” was organised by the Discovery Channel to promote an upcoming documentary called “Racing Exctinction”.

"We lit up the Empire State Building with the world's most beautiful-and-threatened-species to show the world what's at stake."

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Lion Killer Closes Dental Office As His Home Gets Vandalized And Continues to Receive Threats

Walter Palmer, the US dentist who killed Cecil the lion, had to close his office as he continues to receive hatred and threats from people everywhere.

Mark Andrew



With his recent killing of Cecil the lion, American dentist and hunter Walter Palmer just became the most hated man on the internet.

Palmer, who admitted that he paid $55,000 to hunt on Zimbabwe didn’t know that his victim was a celebrated lion in the country. He wounded the animal with a bow and Cecil eventually died 40 hours after that. Cecil was beheaded and skinned.

Animal lovers everywhere immediately hot angry as the news about the killing spread online. Photos of the dentist with the dead lion surfaced on the internet which sparked furtherhatred among netizens across the world. People condemned Palmer for the death of Hwange National Park's most famous lion.

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“Alien Crab” Crawling Between Rocks Captured in NASA Mars Curiosity Photo

Could Mars be ruled by crustaceans? Let’s see what an expert had to say.

Inah Garcia



Ongoing missions that aim to know Mars more are ongoing. Little by little, our knowledge about the Red Planet are slowly increasing as space agencies continue to research and provide the public and the scientific community with new data. This is why, finding something new about Mars is a cause for excitement for many.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) released a photo of Mars last week that has got social media buzzing. It's because the photo was able to capture what seems like a crustacean crawling on the surface of the Red Planet.

Here is the original photo:


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