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With Hard Work And Diet, This Couple Went From Fat To Fit In Just 4 Months!

With hard work and diet, this couple went through a body transformation together in merely four months. Very impressive!


“Relationship” and “goals” – two words that definitely sound cute when mentioned together. Besides, what could be more adorable than a couple working together on the same objective – especially if they are motivating and supporting each other.

The story below is a testament to the power of love and determination.

Song Jin Yoo and Sjin Ji Hoo had been together for a while and both wanted to improve their bodies. So together, they decided to hit the gym and start eating right. What they achieved in four short months will surely leave you astounded.

In just four months, the couple was able to get rid of excessive body weight.

It was, of course, not an easy process by any means. Aside from regular exercise, the couple made it a point to significantly decrease intake of calories.

The couple came up with their own unique workout plan which mainly consists of weight-lifting (1 and ½ hours for 2 times a week) and aerobics (3 hours a day).

As for their food, they exclusively consumed chicken breasts, eggs, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, and other fruits and veggies. They stayed away from any other types of food – especially junk foods.

In the past, the guy weighed 83kg and had a body fat percentage of 16%. The woman, on the other hand, had a weight of 71kg with body fat percentage of 32%.

Their hard work eventually paid off as they were able to reduce up to 12kg and 22kg in their respective weights.

You can follow them on their journey for the perfect body through their Instagram accounts at znew_fitness and sjh_0628_. Also, they manage a Facebook page called Dieting Is The Best Plastic Surgery. Check them out for more inspiring weight loss stuff.

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Pretty Italian TV Host Attempted to Do A Split on Live TV. The Result? So Embarrassing!

Italian host bumps head while attempting to do a split on live TV.

It's normal to experience some embarrassing moments. But we can't help but feel terrible especially when we know that someone had seen us during such fateful period. Oh! How we wish the ground would open up and swallow us whole!

Imagine then what a person might feel when something humiliating occurs on live TV, where millions of viewers have probably seen everything. Or worse, they might have inadvertently recorded the scene, and thus, now have the luxury of replaying your boo-boos over and over again.

Probably, like the case of this video.

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Merry Trio Brings Happiness to Strangers by Giving “Day-Old” Flowers

This elderly couple spread love and happiness in the form of flowers.


Poignant stories of kindness never fail to brighten up our days. When most people fail to see and appreciate the beauty of life and the simple joys of giving, a simple reminder such as a bouquet of flowers is enough to make us remember.

Every day, without fail, the merry trio of 80-year old Pop Pop, his 60-year old wife Gigi, and their grandson roam the streets of Jacksonville Beach, Florida to give away bouquets of flowers. Trader Joe's donates the flowers to the elderly couple and every morning, they pick up the flowers after they're no longer sellable and give them away to the community. They visit neighbors, a senior center, and even schools. According to Pop Pop,

It speaks for itself. It brings an unexpected joy to the people we give them to for no specific reason, which makes it even more important."

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This Powerful Anti-Obesity Ad Will Make You Rethink Your Eating Habits

Are you guilty of these practices too?


The food industry nowadays is starkly different from what it was a few decades ago. Fast food joints are so popular that they have become household names. People opt to eat out or order take-aways instead of cooking traditional meals at home, citing hectic schedules as the main reason. Walking through a local supermarket, we see more aisles of cereals, junk foods, and processed food items than fresh produce. Technology and modern lifestyle has changed our eating habits extremely.

In recent years, morbidity due to noncommunicable diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and obesity has increased drastically. According to the World Health Organization, the prevalence of obesity has more than doubled since 1980. In fact, in 2014 1.9 billion adults were found to be overweight, 600 million of which were obese while in 2013, 42 million children under five years of age were either overweight or obese. Furthermore, the problem is no longer confined to high income countries; developing countries have also seen an increase in the rate of childhood obesity in recent years.


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