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Son Thanks Mom for 20 Years of Hard Work as a Domestic Helper, Takes Her on an Asian Tour

Talk about giving back!






Being a parent is the toughest job in the world, and parents make the greatest sacrifices. Some forego their dreams in order to accommodate the needs of their children. Some make the tough decision of moving away from their families to ensure a bright future for their kids.

Such was the case of Filipina Teresita Alcanzare, 61, who worked as a domestic helper in Hong Kong for 20 years. Teresita toiled abroad to send her seven children to school. Her sacrifice has since produced a certified public accountant, a licensed teacher, a registered nurse, a pharmacist and midwife, a civil engineer and a registered master plumber. After two decades, the time has come for her to finally sit back, relax, and enjoy the fruits of her labor.

Teresita worked in Hong Kong, away from her family, for 20 years.

Just recently, Teresita retired, and as a ‘thank you gift’ from her grateful kids, they decided to fund an all-expense paid Asian tour just for her. At the helm is Hans Alcanzare, her urban planner son, who was just 6 years old when Teresita left their home. Hans is accompanying his mom throughout the tour. Their destinations include Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Macau – before they go back home to the Philippines.

Now that she’s retired, her children have arranged an all-expense paid Asian tour as a gift for and a way to say ‘thank you’ to her.

Since posting photos of their travels, the mother and son’s story has gone viral. Many people commend the children’s sweet gesture for their mother. In one of his Facebook posts, Hans said:

“Happiness is seeing your mother smile. It has taken 20 years for you to (visit) one of the dream countries you (wanted to take pictures in), but you’re finally here! Just enjoy every moment. Your smile is priceless!”

Her son Hans has been traveling with her and sharing their photos on Facebook.

The two have been visiting famous tourist spots, having dinner dates, and going shopping. In another post, Hans said:

“Shopping time with Mama. She can’t even remember when was the last time she bought new clothes for herself.”

Hans and his sibling’s gesture is definitely a great tribute to their mother’s ultimate sacrifice.

Teresita definitely deserves the treat from her kids. And if her children’s gift is any indication, it’s safe to say she has raised them to be wonderful people despite her being away for 20 years.

Were you touched by this story? We say it’s time to call mom and say ‘thank you’.

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