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Son Dresses Up As His Mom To Help Her Pass Driving Test




  • 43-year-old Heitor Schiave got in trouble with the authorities after he was exposed for disguising as his mother.
  • He tried taking her driving exam because she has already failed three times.

A man from Brazil made headlines after pulling an unusual stunt in behalf of his mother. Apparently, Heitor Schiave, 43, decided to dress up as his mom to help her pass her driving test.

Maria, 60, has already failed three times in the past and so Heitor took matters into his own hands. Unfortunately for him, he ended up getting in trouble for it.

Best son ever? Heitor Schiave disguised as his mom to take her driving exam.

Heitor showed up for the driving test donning a blouse and a skirt claiming he’s actually Maria. He even had make up and colored nails to go along with the attire.

He almost got away with it. Well, almost!

Initially, Aline Mendonca, the driving instructor, did not notice anything unusual with the applicant. But as he took the driver’s seat and began speaking, he triggered suspicions because of his “unusually high pitched voice.”

Plus he had big, manly hands.

Now authorities are issuing a warning against anyone thinking of doing the same thing.

Mendonca later shared:

“When I got into the car and sat down beside who I thought was the provisional driver, I quickly realised this was a man dressed as a woman.”

He asked Heitor to identify himself and immediately reported him to the authorities for the criminal act. The police arrived and arrested Heitor for deception and identity fraud, despite his defense that he was only trying to help her out.

“We operate a rigorous and high examining standard,” added Mendonca. “People who think they can circumvent the rules to drive should think again.”

Watch the City News report about this at about the 1:20 mark.

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