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Blind Man Asks Strangers to Check His Winning Lottery Ticket To Test People’s Honesty

We can never measure another person’s honesty and integrity with the amount of money he has in his wallet.


Our honesty and integrity are tested most when nobody is looking. What we do when no one is around to judge or punish us will reveal the kind of a person we truly are.

Some people say that given the chance, human beings tend to take things that are not even theirs. Francis Bacon said, “Opportunity makes the thief.”

How true do you think this is?

A YouTuber named Johal wanted to test people’s honesty by posing as a blind man who’s holding a winning lottery ticket.

In his social experiment titled “Rich Vs. Poor Blind Man Honesty”, he asked random people to tell him if he indeed won the lottery. He told the strangers that he was waiting for his mom, but he just wanted to confirm if the ticket was truly worth $500.

He approached well-off people and the homeless ones to see who would tell him the truth and who would take advantage of his condition. Who do you think would be more honest? How do you think these people reacted to the situation?

Watch this eye-opening video and tell us what you think.

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Girl Gets Epic Revenge After Boyfriend Sends Her Mean Tweet

Boys and their toys.

What would you do when your significant other tells the whole world they prefer video games to you?

While most understanding girlfriends would rather keep the peace than get between their man and his video games, one gamer may have gone too far when he told his social media community he was about to replace his girl with a new video game.

Twenty-year-old Bradley Measor is a football fan who also enjoys playing simulation football on his Xbox console.

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Watch People’s Reactions to the “Fingering” Handshake Prank

If you were one of the victims, how would you react?


EpicFiveTV, a YouTube channel known for coming up with ridiculous pranks, came up with a one-of-a-kind handshake that will definitely shake anyone’s sanity.

Dubbed as the "fingering handshake", the extremely weird and sometimes offensive handshake was tested on several unsuspecting victims in Las Vegas.

As expected, almost all of the the victims were bothered by the awkward form of handshake. While some took it lightly and just laughed at the prank, others were put off by the practical joke.

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Hilarious Prank Has Door Knocker That Comes to Life and Yells at Annoying Solicitors

I would also want to get one of these literally life-like door knockers!

Isn't it annoying when unexpected strangers come to visit your house just because they want to sell something or talk you into getting into some group or club? We all know its classic: representatives knocking on your door and telling you that you need their product. But what if we totally get rid of these strangers? Wouldn't our life be a bit more peaceful?

Energy Online just did that: get rid of strangers asking you to buy products or do a demo. And they did that in the most creative way: with a yelling door knocker. However, these salespeople are just persistent as they tried to talk to the door knocker. Little did they know, it isn't just the door knocker that comes to life but the horned statue as well. Watch the faces of the representatives as they get the shock of their career!

Watch the hilarious video here:

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