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Social Experiment Reveals Black People Are More Racist Towards White People





The origin of racism between white and black people can be traced back from hundreds of years ago. And although laws against racial discrimination have been passed and enacted, racism still exists nowadays in a subtle way.

However, we commonly hear about discrimination towards black people, so we seldom hear about racism towards white people. Though uncommon, racial discrimination towards white people exist.

A social experiment was created to see if black people are racist towards white.

A social experiment was created to see if black people are racist towards white people

A social experiment conducted by Joey Salads aimed to determine if discrimination against white people really exist. So, the experiment goes like this. A black man and a white man will try to borrow a mobile phone from a random black man and we’ll try to find out who’ll receive the most help.

Watch the social experiment here:

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The experiment showed that black men chose to lend their phone to the black man while the white guy did not get any help. Joey Salads asked these men why they attended to the need of the other black man and not the other one. Almost all of them claimed that they know the black guy; one person even told the undercover black guy that he just doesn’t trust the other guy (who is white).

Clearly, even up until now, discrimination is still present. We believe that the best to treat each other equally no matter what race, gender, and age we may have. Have you experienced racial discrimination? Share us your thoughts on this matter!

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