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Sneaky Shelter Cat Put On Solitary Confinement For Repeatedly Letting Other Kittens Escape

This is what happens when you try to pull a ‘Paw-shank Redemption’!

  • A clever cat who knows how to open doors has repeatedly allowed his fellow felines escape in a shelter.
  • Unfortunately, the shelter staff weren’t happy about his attempts and have placed him in a locked room without his friends.
  • The cat’s story has since gone viral and people are demanding that Quilty should be set free.

It’s all fun and games until someone is placed on solitary confinement. A sneaky cat has repeatedly opened doors for his fellow shelter kittens so they could escape. Unfortunately, the staff has had enough of the clever feline’s tricks and have decided to separate him from his friends. But don’t worry, this story has a happy ending.

Quilty is an adorable cat who has been brought to Friends For Life Animal Rescue and Adoption Organization in Houston, Texas when his owner had to move away. Soon, it became obvious that Quilty had a hidden talent: He was good at opening doors. However, he also loved doing it so much that he repeatedly lets the other kittens out of the cat room.

Meet Quilty, the sneaky feline who repeatedly attempted several jailbreaks.

At one point, the staff had had enough of Quilty’s repeated attempts at Pawshank Redemption. They put the clever cat in a separate room from the other felines and posted his photos on Facebook to “shame” him.

Quilty will not be contained. And he has no shame.Quilty loves to let cats out of the senior room.Repeatedly.Several…

Posted by Friends For Life Animal Rescue and Adoption Organization – Houston on Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Not surprisingly, people loved Quilty’s story and soon the hashtag #FreeQuilty began trending on social media. There were also several interested parties who wanted to adopt the freedom-loving cat.

“Let meowt! Let meowt!”

Interestingly, Friends for Life revealed that Quilty’s affinity for opening doors isn’t a new talent. The smart feline has previously been caught repeatedly opening the door for his “dog sibling in the house at his old home.”

Watch Quilty in action below:

Luckily, Quilty’s antics may have worked. It has been revealed that he is currently staying with potential adopters, who report that he’s been a very sweet cat. No news yet on whether he’s been opening doors at his possible new home.

Quilty may have found his forever home!

Now that Quilty might find a new forever home, Friends for Life can rest assured that there won’t be any new jailbreaks at the shelter. That is, unless one of Quilty’s friends has learned his trick.

Learn more about Quilty below:

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