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Studies Reveal 8 Distinct Smells That Can Make You Feel Happier

If you’re feeling down, these 8 smells will give your mood a boost.

Mark Andrew





We’ve all heard thousands of experts advice about how to achieve happiness as human beings, whether in our personal lives, relationships, or professions. As individuals, we face different struggles and so we’re often left looking for ways to feel better.

Well it looks like the secret to being happy lies right under our noses, according to an article posted online by Reader’s Digest. Apparently, there are 8 specific smells that can bring good, calming sensation to the body – and some of them may already be available in your home right now.

Read on and find out for yourself:

#1. Pine

Source: Pixabay

First off, we have pine. According to experts, festive aroma is often associated with the holidays and so it can be effective in decreasing stress.

Meanwhile, Japan’s Kyoto University conducted a study that confirmed that depression and anxiety levels decreased for participants who took a stroll through a forest filled with pine trees.

#2. Citrus

Source: IStockPhoto

Next, experts claim that smelling citrus fruits can be good for your physical well-being if you’re feeling down since they’re proven effective in boosting one’s alertness and energy. In particular, studies have indicated that lemon scents significantly lower stress. Occasionally, try cleaning your house with real lemon instead of chemicals and you’ll notice a big difference in your mood.

#3. Sunscreen

If there’s one scent that can remind you of a stress-free vacation, its probably sunscreen. You use it during your beach getaways so your brain and body is instantly brought back to that when you smell it.

#4. Freshly-Cut Grass

Source: Pinterest

Australian researchers, on the other hand, tell us that freshly-cut grass releases a chemical that causes relaxing and joyful feelings. This is why we sometimes see fragrances with this scent. Simply put, don’t skip lawnmowing on your routine if you want to feel happier.

#5. Flowers

Source: Pexels

This one’s a no-brainer, of course. Flowers, lavender and jasmine in particular, can be great stress-relievers.

Lavender isn’t only good for easing depression, its also helpful for individuals with insomnia. On top of that, jasmine is ideal for boosting your mood.

Now we have an idea why ladies love receiving flowers!

#6. Rosemary

Source: YouTube

Although it is primarily used as flavoring, rosemary is likewise known as a brain booster. Studies say that the herb’s smell improves people’s abilities to”remember complex events and tasks.”So far, scientists are optimistic that ongoing research will lead to this herb being utilized for memory loss treatment.

#7. Peppermint

Source: Shutterstock

Well who doesn’t love the smell of peppermint, right? Aside from boosting your mood, this leaf also stimulates your body and mind. Additionally, a study has likewise found out that athletes who smell peppermint had better athletic performance and breathing.

#8. Baby Powder

Lastly, the nostalgic smell of baby powder is said to give you feelings of security and safety – the exact same emotions you felt as a child. It definitely triggers happy memories so it’s always worth having some powder in your home.


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