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This ‘Smart’ Condom Detects STDs, Count Your Thrusts and Rates Your Performance

The i.Con Smart Condom ring records all the necessary data from your bedroom sessions.


British Condoms, a UK-based company tagged as “the intimate pleasure experts, has announced that their latest product is a “smart” condom ring.

The device, which is called the i.Con Smart Condom, is classified as a “wearable gadget.” As the company stated in its announcement, “Welcome to the future of wearable technology in the bedroom.”

Target market: Men who want to analyze how they have sex.

Research and development teams in companies all over the world are working hard to take technology to the next level by creating wearable gadgets or wearables.

To date, the most popular wearables are smart watches and fitness trackers. Well, with the entry of British Condoms in this market, things are about to get interesting.

It took 3 years to develop this gadget.

So, how does it work? British Condoms explains:

1. After purchasing the i.Con Smart Condom ring, the user must download the app to his phone or tablet.

2. The condom ring has an integrated micro USB port. As such, you simply plug the i.Con into your computer or mains and charging will take approximately one hour. The power lasts six to eight hours of “live usage.”

3. Using Bluetooth technology, the condom ring is paired with the device.

An app stores the data recorded by the smart condom ring.

Source: ABC Gazetesi

4. A man who is already about to have sex and is wearing a condom would place the i.Con Smart Condom ring over his genitals. The ring would be positioned at the base.

5. Utilizing a Nano-chip and sensors, the i.Con Smart Condom ring would then measure and remember a number of different variables during the man’s sexual encounter. It would also have the capacity to detect certain sexually transmitted diseases or STDs.

6. Once the sexual encounter is done, the user will then be able to access the data gathered by the condom ring via the app. Then, after the data is downloaded, the i.Con Smart Condom ring will automatically clear its memory making way for your next session.

Can you be intimate while thinking of how you'll be "graded"?

British Condoms noted that “all data gathered by the condom ring will be kept anonymous.” However, users will have the option to share their recent data with their friends or the rest of the world.

The data that the i.Con Smart Condom ring will record are the following:

  • calories burned during sexual intercourse
  • speed of thrusts
  • total number of thrusts
  • average velocity of thrusts
  • frequency of sessions
  • total duration of sessions
  • girth measurement
  • different positions used (currently BETA testing)
  • average skin temperature

In any case, the i.Con Smart Condom ring is expected to be released to the market sometime this year. At the moment, it’s only available for preorder on the British Condoms website. It’s priced at £59.99 or about $73.

Gadget tagline: "The future of your sex life starts here."

Perhaps, British Condoms wants everyone to anticipate the release of the condom ring. To date, they have not yet shown anyone how it looks. They only said that the device will be available in one size with a “band adjustment feature.” It also emphasized that it’s “extremely comfortable, water resistant, and lightweight.”

This is a testament to just how far technology can go.

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It remains to be seen if this new gadget will be a success. Besides, men may not be keen on revealing that they’re interested in this particular gadget.


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