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Sleeping Man Recovering From Surgery Wakes Up To Homeless Cat Cuddling Him

“Traveling Therapy Cat reporting for duty!”


Sometimes animals can truly amaze us with their kindness. One man found a new furry friend in the most unexpected way. He was sleeping on the couch as he recovered from an operation. When he woke up, he realized that a cat has snuggled up to him during his nap. The thing is, he doesn’t own a cat.

The man in question is the father of Andrew Falloon, a Member of Parliament for Rangitata in New Zealand. Falloon shared the image of his sleeping dad and the mystery cat napping together while holding hands (paws?) on social media and it didn’t take long before the post went viral.

According to Falloon, his mother had gone out and left their door slightly open while her husband slept on the couch after his operation. Eventually, an intruder did creep into the house to steal some snuggles with the sleeping patient.

“Mum arrived home and found them cuddled up together on the couch,” Falloon said. “She snapped the photo before waking Dad up. He was pretty surprised to find the cat curled up!”

Needless to say, people were loving the story, claiming that Falloon’s parents have been adopted by the “Traveling Therapy Cat.”

So who is this mystery cat who somehow found a snoozing man in need of comfort? Falloon says he wanders around the neighborhood a lot.

“He’s from somewhere in the neighborhood. It isn’t the first time he’s turned up to their house, but his first time he’s jumped up on Dad. Apparently, his name is Ziggy and it’s quite common for him to go wandering,” Falloon explained.

In case you were hoping that Falloon’s parents would eventually adopt Ziggy, it’s becoming a possibility. Falloon says the cat is always welcome to his parents’ house now that his father has taken a liking to Ziggy.

“Ziggy seems to have adopted my Dad, so I’m not sure if they’ll get another cat. My parents are just happy to have him visit every so often,” he revealed.

Here are a few more awesome therapy cats helping elderly people:

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