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They Never Knew About Each Other for 17 Years. When They Finally Meet, I’m Lost for Words!





Who would have thought that a chance encounter between two teenage girls from Washington D.C. would completely change their lives?

For 17 years, Robin Jeter and Jordan Dickerson never had the chance to meet each though they just live a few miles away from each other. In fact, their schools are about 10 minutes apart  as Jordan is a junior student  at Woodrow Wilson High School while Robin Jeter is a senior at Friendship Collegiate Academy public charter school.

Both student athletes, Robin and Jordan were seemingly destined to meet each other during a track meet. While sitting in the stands, Jordan’s friends noticed her striking similarities with a rival runner. Even Jordan’s mother Patrice saw how much the two athletes resembled each other.

“Everyone was saying, ‘It’s your twin, look at your twin over there!'” Patrice told ABC News.

Jordan finally gathered enough courage to approach Robin at the end of the sporting event. Their conversation led to a realization that indeed they are long-lost sisters.

“They told me her name was Robin Jeter. I had previously known my birth name was Jeter. The reality instantly hit me that she was my sister,” Jordan said.

Born nine months apart, the two sisters were separated from each other after both were sent for adoption. Robin lived with their birth mother for some time before being adopted by her foster family, while Jordan was immediately adopted after birth. They have several other siblings, four of whom have been found.

This chance encounter is definitely one for the books!

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