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People in Singapore Are Allegedly Putting Condoms on Their Fingers When Touching Elevator Buttons

The rubbers were flying off the shelves for a weird purpose.

  • Condoms flew off the shelves along with food and other basic necessities.
  • People supposedly used the rubbers as protection for their fingers against bacteria.
  • Photos have been shared on Twitter and Reddit showing people in Singapore wearing condoms on their fingers.

On February 7, Singapore declared an orange alert level because of the increasing number of people getting infected with the coronavirus (COVID-19). This is just below one level of the highest alert and the people in the country are doing whatever it takes to keep themselves healthy.

Singaporeans rushed into grocery stores and pharmacies in response to the major health threat. Shelves have been cleared out of food and other essentials. The government assured their people that there’s no need to hoard supplies, but despite that, hygiene items such as masks, hand sanitizers, alcohol, and tissues have immediately sold out.

Food and other necessities were flying out of the shelves as Singaporeans go panic buying.

Interestingly, condoms are also one of the items that people have hoarded. You may think that there’s nothing unusual about it, since they may just want to ensure they can still have all the safe sex they can, especially if they needed to stay indoors more.

However! there’s another reason. Apparently, people in Singapore are reportedly using the condoms foe their fingers to protect them from bacteria when pressing elevator buttons.

Which is definitely weird since they can just use gloves instead of condoms, right?

Photos have been shared on Twitter and Reddit showing people in Singapore wearing condoms on their fingers and pressing elevator buttons.

Whether they really intended to do this for health reasons or if it could have been just a joke, we don’t really know.

Also, covering your fingers with condoms is not really hygienic, let alone practical. So at the end of the day, it’s still best to use the rubbers for its intended purpose.


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