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Orangutan Hilariously Crawls Inside A Sack To Get Noticed By His Playmate

This fella will stop at nothing just to get his friend’s attention.


Apes enjoy playing and they can really get into a lot of mischief. It is already known that they share similar characteristics with humans – one, in particular, is how they don’t like to be ignored by their friends. This adorable orangutan in a rescue center in Borneo went viral after acting silly just to get his friend’s attention.

The video was from Nyaru Menteng Orangutan, a rescue and rehabilitation center run by Save the Orangutan. The apes are living their lives peacefully in a sanctuary with people, who are dedicated to caring for their species. But there’s no stopping them from showing their playful side.

One orangutan was minding his own business, examining a tree trunk…

His silly friend, on the other hand, wouldn’t leave him alone.

The clever orangutan slipped himself into a sack just so he’ll get his friend’s attention.

The shenanigans didn’t stop and the silly orangutan’s friend finally took notice.

Watch the adorable video below:

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Orangutans are among the intelligent primate species that are able to use sophisticated tools and even build sleeping nests using foliage and tree branches. Save the Orangutan believes that these creatures deserve to be in a safe, natural place and have a great future. However, Borneo’s rainforest is slowly disappearing and orangutans found in the wild will soon lose their home.

Threats to orangutan population include deforestation and illegal pet trade.

According to the charity’s official website, contributors for the organization have been hard at work for a decade to make sure that wild orangutans will survive and their homes in the rainforest will be saved. Save the Orangutan works with Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation, among others, to help protect wild orangutans in the rainforest.


10 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Sriracha, the World’s Most Famous Hot Sauce

First, you’ve been pronouncing it wrong.

If spicy food is your thing, then you probably have tried (or are currently using) Sriracha as your condiment. Consistently topping most of the hottest sauces in the world lists, the spicy sauce in the bottle with the now-iconic rooster logo is a staple in restaurants.

It goes with practically everything you can ketchup on, from burgers to eggs, although of course, Sriracha tastes a whole lot better compared to ketchup. But Sriracha is more than just your typical hot sauce sold in your grocery store.

The most famous hot sauce in the world.

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Philippine Official Rides On Poor Sea Turtle That Recently Laid Eggs

These magnificent creatures are best left alone.

Sea turtles are undeniably fascinating creatures, that to have a close encounter with one is such a remarkable experience. Unfortunately, it is also for this same reason that some people just can’t get their hands off this endangered animal.

Marine Wildlife Watch of the Philippines recently posted a video showing a man riding a green sea turtle that was just making its way back to the beach after laying eggs. Much to everyone's surprise, the man who committed the heartless act on the innocent creature has been identified as an official of the Philippine Information Agency.

This Philippine official is seen riding on the back of turtle.

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Men Who Dragged Helpless Shark Also Tortured Other Animals, Posted Them On Social Media

The men got a taste of their own medicine as they received backlash from people across the globe.

A recent viral video shows a group of men dragging a helpless shark tied from a speed boat. Now, more photos have revealed that the men have long been torturing animals and they even posted photos of them in social media.

The viral video, which lasted for 11 seconds, shows how the men laughed as they dragged the shark at a high speed until the animal was ripped into pieces.

Michael Wenzel's account has been deleted but screenshots of his photos were uploaded by angry netizens.

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