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Siblings Repair Shoes On The Streets Before School To Earn Money For Lunch Food




  • Two siblings have to work by repairing shoes on the streets so they could earn enough money.
  • The brother and sister would head for the streets to fix shoes by the sidewalk.
  • They do this every day before going to school so that they could get enough for their lunch money.

Most children can easily get their lunch money from their parents. However, two young siblings have found a creative way to earn some money for their food. They would repair shoes on the streets before heading to school.

Manuelita and Micko Borbon are young students attending Palawan National School in the city of Puerto Princesa in Palawan, the Philippines who were spotted by a netizen. Every day, the 13-year-old sister would join her 12-year-old brother on the streets to repair some shoes. They would fix as many as they can until they have enough for lunch money. Then it would be time to go to school.

Manuelita and Micko fixing shoes before heading for school.

The children admit that they use their earnings for more than just lunch money. Manuelita stated that they also work on the streets repairing shoes so they could earn enough for their projects in school.

There is a good reason why Manuelita and Micko are so good at repairing shoes. Their parents Emmanuel and Mary Ann Borbon also work in the same shoe repair corner in Puerto Princesa.

Their mother admits that the family struggles on a regular basis since they do not own their own house. Nevertheless, she is proud of her children who are both determined to go to school.

The siblings learned how to repair shoes by watching their parents.

It’s a difficult life but Manuelita and Micko are not ashamed of what they do. Both children believe that they are simply doing what needs to be done so they can get to school and get a proper education. Not surprisingly, their own school principal is already considering honoring the siblings at school so their fellow students will be inspired to work hard.

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