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These Short Comics Depict Life From Then and Now. #6 Is Hilariously True!

The only constant thing in this world is change. And as much as we beg to disagree, not all changes are effective. But the true question is, how will you adapt to these changes.

Bernadette Carillo





Time indeed flies on wings of lightning!

As an adult, you probably look back on your life sometimes, wondering where have all the years gone. For this blog post, we will share with you several things that will definitely make you remember how life used to be – and how gaining age has changed most of us. Also, it’s interesting to note how advances in modern technology personally have made a huge impact (and great interruptions) in our daily lives.

Scroll down and you’ll see what we mean:

1. Pulling an all nighter


Remember how you were excited to stay up all night when you were younger? Things change, buddy. Things change…

2. Teen pregnancy


Back then, being pregnant at an early age is considered taboo. Nowadays, it’s being celebrated in some reality shows.

3. Playing with friends


Today, playmates are replaced with joysticks and androids. How sad!

4. Going to McDonald’s


You’ve probably came to the realization that fast food are not as healthy and fun.

5. How we use phones


How are perspectives change with time.

6. Working out

Too many are guilty of this. Just go check your social media.

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Mom Transforms Secondhand Dolls to Look Like Real Girls!

These fashion dolls have swapped high maintenance glitz ‘n glamour for a more down-to earth style.

Jade Angeli



Dolls are toys that represent the innocence of young girls. Over the years, dolls have gone through changes that transformed their looks from being sweet and innocent to avant-garde or high-fashion models. What if these fully made-up dolls undergo make-under?

If Disney princesses have fairy godmothers, a bunch of pre-loved dolls found their own, in the person of Sonia Singh. Sonia, a Tasmanian artist and mother, bought dolls from thrift shops and made necessary changes. She gave the dolls a much-needed make-under by repainting their faces and re-conditioning their hair. Sonia, with the help of her mother, was so creative to mold new shoes and make new dresses for them!

"These li'l fashion dolls have opted for a 'tree change', swapping high maintenance glitz 'n glamour for down-to earth style," Singh posts on her Tumblr account.

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13 Photos That Were “Photoshopped” Long Before Photoshop Existed.

These epic pictures of awesome photo manipulation decades before Photoshop blew my mind!




Fake photoshopped images can be found everywhere on the internet. From fake tsunamis and fake architectural structures to fake people and fake Messiahs, there's no limit to what hardcore photoshop skills can do.

But before the age of the internet and of fake, viral, and photoshopped images came these fabricated vintage photos. Back then, given the less advanced technology, whoever made these pictures must have been so creative and crafty to be able to come up with something like this.

Check out the weird photos below:

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Artist Creates Water-Triggered Art to Make People Smile on a Rainy Day!

Here’s something that will make you smile on rainy days….

Mini Malabanan



Do rainy days make you feel sad? While some people find rainy season romantic, many people actually feel a bit down when the rain pours. Some even experience depression during this season.

An artist from Seattle designed a unique street art that can “make people’s rainy day a little better”. Dubbed as “Rainworks”, the water-activated art utilises a superhydrophobic coating  that will reveal  street art when water is splashed on it.

Its inventor, Seattle-based street artist Peregrine Church, got the idea after seeing several viral videos that featured the water repellant substance. He sprayed the substance on stencils to create motivational messages that would only appear once it rains.

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