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Shopkeeper Cat Has Run a Store for 9 Years with Zero Days Off!

This adorable ginger cat from Chinatown, New York has been dubbed the King of the Store!


Let’s face it; working every single day can be tiring and tedious. Everyone needs a few days off to revitalize themselves, right? And especially if you were a cat – a creature known for their love of naps and lounging around – days off would met with a lot of enthusiasm!

But not for this Bobo the shopkeeper cat! He’s been working non-stop for 9 years, and he’s nowhere near retiring.

Bobo is ginger cat who is an employee in a store in Chinatown, New York. The owner found him one day and decided to give him a place to stay. This was 9 years ago, and Bobo has thanked his rescuer by working relentlessly in his store without a single day off! Now that’s dedication!

Annie Liao, the shopkeeper who has worked at the store since 20014, has become Bobo’s caregiver and number one human. She affectionately calls him “the king of the store,” and he’s also eager to meet and greet new customers while showing them around.

Bobo has become such an iconic part of the store that Liao has even created an Instagram account for him, so that people can check out what this clever cat is up to!

The King of the Store welcomes new customers with a meow and is eager to show them around.


He’s a dedicated employee who has never taken a single day off in his 9 years of service.


Bobo is 11.5 pounds of pure joy and shopkeeping seriousness.


But he still knows how to have fun on days when business is a little slow.


He’ll encourage you to try your luck at the lottery tickets. Who knows, Bobo’s good fortune just might rub off on you!


Bobo is very calm, loving, and friendly to both the shop employees and to customers.


Though you may sometimes find him in the oddest of places in the shop.


He’ll make sure you always receive your exact change!


And he’ll inspect the store’s goods, making sure everything is in top condition!


Check out Bobo’s Instagram and see more of his shop adventures!


Dog With Brain Tumor Lives Long Enough To Attend Owner’s Wedding

This heartbreaking story of a dog with brain tumor will definitely give you the feels.

Dogs are man’s best friend in more ways than we can imagine. In fact, there are those who consider their tail-wagging pals more like a part of the family than a mere pet. Man and dog’s compatibility is immeasurable if only in terms of depth but unfortunately, dogs do not have the same life span as humans.

Charlie Bear is a black lab mix under the care of Kelly O’Connell. They met when he was only 12 weeks old and was brought to the animal shelter where Kelly was working while training to become a vet.

At the time, he was abandoned in a shopping cart at a nearby grocery store but was lucky enough to find Kelly. According to the pet owner, she wasn’t looking for a dog.

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This Underwater Creature is Called a ‘Fire Worm’ and it is Terrifyingly Beautiful

This centipede-like undersea creature will make you rethink stepping into the water. Read on to find out why.

The vast expanse of water that is the ocean holds mysteries that are still unknown to the modern human. In fact, there are still creatures underneath the sparkling blue-green enigma that covers 70 percent of the Earth’s surface that can both amaze and terrify you at the same time.

One of the best examples of these creatures is the bearded fireworm. Resembling the notoriously creepy home crawlers known as the centipede, the bearded fireworm has a long and flat segmented body that will make you get goose bumps.

Bearded fireworms appear like a fluffy version of centipedes but they are much scarier in reality.

Bearded fireworms appear like a fluffy version of centipedes but they are much scarier in reality.

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Touch This Assassin Caterpillar And You Will Bleed to Death

The bad news? There’s no antidote for its poison yet.

So caterpillars are generally crawly, harmless creatures that you can easily ignore, right? Well, not THIS caterpillar. Found primarily in Brazil and with a body covered with what looks like miniature trees, the Lonomia obliqua can actually make a person bleed to death just through contact. It's not called the "assassin caterpillar" for nothing.

Each of the spiky branches on this caterpillar's body is coated with deadly venom that enters a person's bloodstream and can cause excessive clotting.

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