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Here’s What Research Says About The Shape Of Your Lips And What It Means





The lips are among the facial features often looked at by other people, aside from the eyes. People kiss, talk and smile using their lips.

However, did you know that the shape of your lips can reveal important things about you? The lip corners and their relative positions to the lip’s middle area are used as landmarks to gauge the important features.

Below are the various lip shapes and what they say about your personality.

What your upper lip say about your personality

Source: Pixabay

According to the Power of Positivity, the philium is the lip shape that is usually outlined using a lipstick. Here are the most common lip shapes and their meanings.

1. Twin peaks (V shape) = CREATIVE

Source: brightside
2. Uneven peaks = SENSITIVE

3. Cantilever bridge (flat line between peaks) = INQUISITIVE

Source: deadline
4. Suspension bridge (U shape) = OUTGOING

5. Double convex (two rounded peaks) – FLIRTATIOUS

Source: brightside
6. Butterfly (softer V peaks) = KIND

7. Dome (single curve) = OUTSPOKEN

8. Flying bird (outer edge of peak tapers to corner) = NURTURING

Source: Pinterest
9. Flat (no points) = LOGICAL

Source: realsimple

The study shows the realtionship between lip shapes and genetic markers. The resarchers used the method of 3D imaging to examine the genetic associations of the lips and facial features. The gene, rs642961, is the same gene linked to the development of cleft lip.

Aside from the shape, the close lip line shape may also hint something about your personality.


2. Notch or deep wrinkle near the center = Distinctive & Intelleactual

Source: Pixabay

Source: stylecraze
4. Downturned = SELF-FOCUSED & MOODY

Source: tomford
5. Sinuous (curvy) = GRACEFUL & SENSUOUS

Source: allure

In terms of the size of both the upper lip and the lower lip:

1. Upper lip is thinner than the lower lip = ADVENTUROUS, PLEASURE-SEEKING & IMAGINATIVE

Source: fanpop
2. Upper and lower lip has equal sizes = PRACTICAL, IMPARTIAL & FOCUSED

Source: tomford

What’s the shape of your lips? Are the personalities here match your lip shape? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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