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A Soldier Befriended 3 Stray Dogs. He NEVER Expected This When a Bomb Explodes!





Several soldiers are paired with K9s that specialize in detecting explosives in the field. Those dogs are highly trained to alert their human partners if there are bombs or other threats present. Bomb-sniffing dogs risk their own lives searching uncharted territories to save the lives of soldiers like Sgt. Chris Duke and Sgt. Terry Young.

However, these two soldiers did not have their own Explosive Detector Dogs (EDD). They met Sasha, Target, and Rufus when they were stationed in Afghanistan for three months. They were three hungry, stray dogs looking for kind souls who would feed, pet, and care for them.

According to Sgt. Duke, those gentle, furry creatures made him forget where he was as they reminded him of the warmth and safety of home. This made his stay there more bearable. But these dogs did more than just keep him, his friend, and the rest of the 48th Infantry Brigade company…

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