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You Might Not Take A Selfie Ever Again After Watching This Terrifying Video





Being an avid fan of the horror/thriller movie genre, I believe I have seen it all. The plots of those movies usually revolve around evil possessions, poltergeists, maniacal psychopaths, zombies, mutations, vampires, werewolves, and zombies. The list does not end there of course.

Sometimes, when you watch those movies, you can already guess what’s going to happen next. That’s exactly why great storytelling and acting are vital to a fan like me. The theme can be so old and worn-out, but given an excellent script and great direction, the film can be mind-blowing.

A good horror film knows how to play with the audience’s imagination. It knows how to use the score and the lighting to keep its viewers on the edge of their seats. It has to capture the viewer’s attention and make them relate to the characters. Every scene is like a song that gradually builds up until it reaches the climax. The story does not have to be lengthy—all it needs are the right elements to make you jump out of your seat or scream. Like this short film.

The plot of this 1:41 short film produced by F*** You Zombie is incredibly simple. It took advantage of a habit— a trend—which everybody is almost guilty of: taking selfies.

I do not want to spoil the thrill (although you may already have an idea) because a great horror film has to have an element of surprise.

So without further ado, watch the film and whether you loved it or hated it, tell us what you think.

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