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After Posting This Photo On Twitter, This Teen Found Her Many Other Dopplegangers

This is creepy! Her dad possibly has some explaining to do!


As if finding another person that looks like you wasn’t freaky enough, this girl found out she has an army of doppelgangers out there in the world.

Santana Gutierrez, 17 years old, was out shopping in San Diego one day when she was later approached by Isobel, a girl who works for Save The Children.

Source: twitter

Understandably, Santana was surprised by the uncanny resemblance and so she had a hard time focusing on her message. Isobel was trying to raise funds for the charitable organization.

Santana admitted:

“I kind of felt bad ‘cause I wasn’t listening to what she was saying — all I was thinking was, ‘This girl looks exactly like me.’”

The two took a photo together and Santana later uploaded the photo on her Twitter account. It immediately went viral, earning thousands of retweets from other Twitter users.

Things took an unexpected turn, however, when numerous other netizens started sending her photos of other girls that look like her as well.

Such as this one.

Source: twitter
And this one!

Source: twitter

Santana’s reaction, of course, was this:

“I was extremely freaked out.”

The teen even told her parents about it and showed them the photos.

She shared:

“I showed [the photos] to my dad because everyone said, ‘Your parents have some explaining to do.

“It was very weird!”

As the photos went viral, more Santana clones later emerged.

Source: twitter
Someone even pointed out that she looks like celebrity Samantha Boscarino…

Source: twitter
… and Auli’i Cravalho, the voice actress for Moana.

Source: twitter

The internet can be a weird place indeed!


Quintuplet Mom Does 50 Nappy Changes, 40 Milk Bottles A Day

“We have five times the first smiles, the first giggles, the first time they look at you lovingly.”

Kim and Vaughn Tucci, a couple based in Perth, Australia, wanted to have just one more child to add to their two daughters and Kim’s son from a past relationship. Kim later conceived but much to their surprise, they eventually found out they’re going to have not one but five kids at the same time!

This was nothing short of a miracle for the two, especially since Kim has two health problems – endometriosis and polycystic ovaries, conditions that could possibly lead to infertility.

We can just imagine their happiness and shock when the doctor told them the ultrasound shows five heartbeats inside Kim’s womb.

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Apparently, his bosses deemed it NSFW.

We’ve always been warned about being careful about what we share on Facebook. As some stories show us, irresponsible social media posts can be basis for getting fired from a job or losing a work opportunity you are applying for.

Apparently, even tagging friends on videos can actually lead you into trouble.

Source: youtube

Take it from Michael Renson, a guy who works as a nurse in Australia. In a Metro report, we learn that Renson was dismissed from employment “after he tagged his friends in a video that was being shared on Facebook after bosses deemed it sexually explicit.”

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Photos of Isolated Amazon Tribe Who Don’t Know Other People Exist Go Viral

Brazilian photographer Ricardo Stuckert was able to take high-resolution photos of an isolated tribe in one of Brazil’s protected rain forests.

Brazilian photographer Ricardo Stuckert had the remarkable opportunity to take photos of an uncontacted tribe somewhere in Brazil when his helicopter flight suddenly got diverted due to a storm. The photos are quite shocking because of the real and raw beauty of humankind.

Brazilian photographer Ricardo Stuckert was able to take high-resolution photos of an isolated tribe in one of Brazil's protected rain forests.

The photos were taken in the state of Acre near the border of Peru. The small group of inhabitants show a tribe wearing plain clothes, body paint and with weapons. One tribesman even attempted to throw a spear towards the helicopter.

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