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Dog-Loving Bride Replaces Bouquets With Puppies During Her Wedding Day

According to the bride, the groom definitely “knew what he was getting himself into” when he decided to marry her.

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You know what’s more adorable than seeing a bride and her bridesmaids posing with flowers? Well apparently, it’s when they are holding dogs!

Bride Samantha Clark recently made headlines when she, being a dog lover, used her wedding to raise awareness about dog rescue efforts. Her idea was simple yet praiseworthy – to replace bouquets with puppies.

Instead of flower bouquets, Samantha and her bridesmaids held cute Chiweenie dogs.

In a report by Mirror, we learn that A Heinz57 Pet Rescue and Transport expressed delight upon the bride’s request to borrow the puppies and raise awareness about their cause. The local rescue organization has been caring for animals displaced by Hurricane Harvey.

Meanwhile, the bride revealed that Kendel Clark, her groom, was initially skeptical about the idea.

Samantha told DailyMail:

“He expected the puppies to be bigger, louder and assumed they would squirm and cry. But they did none of that.

“At some point in the night he told me it went perfectly, better than he could have imagined.”

Samantha said Kendel definitely “knew what he was getting himself into” when he decided to marry her.

And where did she get the unique idea, you ask? Well the bride credits Pinterest for it.

She shared:

“I think I saw a picture once of bridesmaids holding puppies and from there everything just fell into place.

“It was always a dream of mine to have puppies at my wedding, but never thought it would actually come true!”

When asked whether there were any potty accidents during the event, Samantha said that the dogs were “perfect.”

“They were the most well-behaved puppies I’ve ever interacted with,” she added.

“It was like they knew they were there for business.”

Watch the video report here:

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Samantha and Kendel now live in Pleasantville, Iowa. Together, they own three dogs namely Bella, Wilson and Millie.

Kudos to you, Samantha!

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